Enable Compiz Fusion on Fedora 14

Compiz fusion is the master of desktop effects in Gnome and KDE. By using compiz fusion and emerald theme manager you can change your desktop to a modern cool looking interface for work. In Fedora 14 the latest compiz fusion is available. It is very easy to install and configure in fedroa 14.

To enable compiz fusion you need 3d hardware support . for that you want to install graphics driver for Nvidia / ATI cards. There is a default driver for Intel Graphics cards. First you check whethere 3d is working fine. Open Terminal – Applications > system > terminal . then type

$ glxinfo | grep direct

if You will get a message like this

direct rendering: Yes
 GL_EXT_direct_state_access, GL_EXT_draw_range_elements, GL_EXT_fog_coord,

Then your 3D support in Linux is working fine. To check type


You can see three gears rolling on a small window.

Install Compiz fusion on fedora 14.

The compiz-fusion packages found in Fedora 14 repositories. To install them type:

The compiz-fusion packages found in Fedora 12 repositories are a few versions back but they’ll do their work. To install them type:

For a Gnome compiz install

su -c 'yum install ccsm emerald-themes compizconfig-backend-gconf fusion-icon-gtk 
emerald compiz-fusion compiz-fusion-gnome libcompizconfig compiz-gnome 
compiz-bcop compiz compizconfig-python compiz-fusion-extras 

For a KDE compiz install

su -c 'yum install ccsm emerald-themes compizconfig-backend-kconfig fusion-icon-qt  
emerald compiz-fusion  libcompizconfig compiz-bcop compiz compizconfig-python 
compiz-fusion-extras  compiz-kde compiz-manager'

For both Gnome and KDE compiz install

su -c 'yum install ccsm emerald-themes compizconfig-backend-kconfig 
compizconfig-backend-gconf fusion-icon* emerald compiz-fusion compiz-fusion-gnome 
libcompizconfig compiz-gnome compiz-bcop compiz compizconfig-python 
compiz-fusion-extras compiz-fusion-extras-gnome compiz-kde compiz-manager'

Startup configuration of Compiz fusion in Fedora 14

Go to:

System -> Preferences -> Personal -> Sessions

Click add

And type:

 Name: Fusion Icon
 Command: fusion-icon
 Comment: Compiz Fusion Panel Applet

Now, just logoff from your computer and login again then you will see the fusion icon.

Click the icon and change the desktop manager to compiz

for more details about compiz go


Have fun !!!

Emerald Themes in Fedora 14

There are lot of great themes available for emerald window manager. You can download latest emerald themes from compiz.org. Just download the theme. If it is a zip file extract it. You will get a .emerald file. Just drag the file into the emerald theme manager . You can get the theme manager by right click on the compiz-fusion icon in the system tray. Great Themes . Great looking Desktops .. New theme for every day. New fresh desktop. Have Fun .!!!


Sam Tuke

You don't include configuration instructions for KDE. What is necessary after you have installed the packed on KDE?

Sam Tuke

KDE users can try: System Settings -> Default Applications -> Windows Manager


i has try at gnome, but that effect cannot work. why?


this code not out : GL_EXT_direct_state_access, GL_EXT_draw_range_elements, GL_EXT_fog_coord, when i key in glxinfo | grep direct


bash: line 2: compizconfig-backend-gconf: command not found bash: line 4: libcompizconfig: command not found bash: line 6: compiz-fusion-extras: command not found


There is a floating google ad that covers up the instructions for installing for kde and gnome.


Si I don't have System -> Preferences -> Personal -> Sessions. What Now?


    I have the same issue using Fedora 14 LXDE. I have compiz installed, but have to manually click on the fusion-icon which I've placed on panel. I tried Fedora Menu >> Preferences >> Desktop Session Settings, but see no option to add fusion-icon to the list. Other than that, I like this site, and was impressed at the speed with which it loads on my s l o w 3G connection! Thanks!


    agreed. System -> Preferences -> Personal -> Sessions doesn't exist in gnome...


thanks, had half the rpms installed, great to have compiz-fusion working again.


i could not find personel in preferences menu. Is there any other option for enabling it


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