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Android Project Structure of Eclipse Project

When you create a new android project on eclipse IDE there are lot of files are folders created automatically. Some Java files are some XML files will created to support the developer. Just have a look at which folders represent what and what are the meanings of each files. A good Reference from http://sudarmuthu.com/blog/2010/02/12/the-structure-of-an-android-project.htmlSRC

This folder will contain the Java source files that you will be creating. In the screenshot you can see the ‘activity’ files that were created for the sample project. The files inside this  folder will be organized according to the package structure. This looks like the /src folder which is present in any normal Java project.


This is also a source folder, but will be contain Java source files that will be automatically generated by the android platform. Notable among the generated Java files is the R class, which you see in the screenshot. The framework will generate R class file.

Android {version Number}

This is the folder, which will contain the libraries (jars) that are need for the project. In the screenshot, you can see that it contains the framework jar file. This is similar to the /lib folder which is present in any normal Java project.


This directory contains all the external resources (images, data files etc) that are used by the android application. These external resources (content) will be referenced in the android application. Or you can copy all the files into this folder.

Common Subfolders are

  • drawable – the layout drawing files (Icons images etc..)
  • layout – The design layout of the applicaiton (The front end drawing Buttons, textboxes,dropdowns)
  • values – All reference values in the java programme (String,integers etc…)


This folder contains all images, pictures etc. If you want to include an image or an icon in your android application, then you will be placing it in this folder.


This folder contains the UI layouts that will be used in the project. These UI layouts are stored as XML files.


This folder  contains XML files, which contain key values pairs that will be referenced in the application. These XML files declare Arrays, colors, dimensions, strings etc. The main idea of having these values in a separate XML file is that the values can be used based on the locale without actually changing the source code. You can create different value files for different languages. That is you can port your android applicaiton to different language by donot modifying the source code.


This folder also contains external resources used in the application like the res folder. But the main difference is that the resources are stored in raw format and can be read only programmatically.


This is an XML file which contains meta information about the android application and is very important file for every android application project you create. It contains information about various activities, views, services etc. It also contains the list of user permissions that are needed to run the android application. This file contains the android SDK version. Project Version etc.. Also various permissions to the applicaiton.

This the basic structure of an android project created in eclipse. You can modify as your project grows. You can include other third party java files and classes into the project.

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