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Android L Wallpapers, Keyboard, Apps are available for download

Google recently released Android L, the next android developer preview in Google I/O. The New android features a complete design overhul. The Apps Gmail, Chrome, play everything got a new design called material design. XDA member ivan123 extracted the apps from his full system dump. Android L apps, Android L […]

Linux Mint 17 KDE Released

The Most popular Linux Distro Linux Mint 17 KDE codenamed Qiana released now. It is based on the KDE 4.13.0. This is a Long Term Support Released and will get updates until 2019. Linux Mint KDE 17 comes with a completely revamed Update Manager. It show more information, looks better than […]

Install Telegram Desktop Client in Ubuntu 14.04 – Sigram

Telegram is an instant messaging app for Android, iOs. Telegram is a free and open source project. It focus on speed and security. Official Telegram clients are available for Windows and Mac OS X. There is no native client for Linux available now. Sigram is a native clent fro Telegram […]

Install Skype in Ubuntu 14.04

Skype 4.3 for linux is released with updated interface, cloud based group chat,  support for PulseAudio 3 and 4, better desktop integration and much more. Latest Updates in Skype 4.3 much updated and polished user interface for skype 4.3. The update includes a revamped login window, main window, options screen […]

Mac OS X theme for Ubuntu 14.04 – Zukimac for Complete Mac Look

There are lot of Mac OS X transformation pack for Ubuntu 14.04 now. Here is a new theme called Zukimac to convert the Ubuntu 14.04 to a Mac OS X look desktop. There is another package for Gnome shell is also available with this theme. The theme consists of GTK+ […]

Animated Scrolling Effects using jQuery – Scroll Me

ScrollMe is a jQuery plugin for adding animated scrolling effects using jQuery. The plugin is very light weight and can add a variety of scroll effects like rotation, scaling, appear, disappear etc on scrolling of a page. ScrollMe can scale, rotate, translate and change the opacity of elements on the […]

Change SSH Port from Default – Cent OS 6, Ubuntu 14.04, Fedora 20

Changing the SSH port from the default running Port (ie Port 22) will strengthen the security and prevent lot of direct shell attacs to a server or virtual host running on Linux (Cent OS 6, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04 or a Fedora 20 / 19). It adds another layer of […]

Mac OS X theme for Gnome – Adwaita OS X

Adwaita OS X is a Mac OS X like GTK theme for Gnome 3.12 created by kxmylo.   The theme adds a fresh look to every window in Gnome 3.12 and a Mac OS X like look to it. There was another makeover for ubuntu to look like Mac OS […]

jQuery Responsive Slider Plugin Skippr (3KB)

Skippr is a jQuery Responsive Slider plugin with fade effect. It is very light weight and easy to use. Skippr will create  responsive slide show with clean UI. Only 3kb (minified) the plugin is very light weight and easy to install and configure. The project is available in Github. How […]

Install Spotify Client In Ubuntu 14.04, Linux Mint 17

Spotify a great music streaming servie available in US now. Spotify gives you instant access to millions of songs – from old favorites to the latest hits. Just hit play to stream anything you like. You can listen the music via web interface in spotify. There is a native client […]

Motorola announced Moto E in India for INR 6999

Motorola announced MOTO E in Indian smartphone market. The Moto E is priced for Rs 6999 in india. The phone is now available on Flipkart shopping website. Motorola is preseting Moto E after its grand success of Moto G in Indian market. The stock of Moto G is finished within […]

Fast and Modern LXDE Desktop LXQt available for Ubuntu and Linux Mint

LXQt is the next Modern desktop from the popular lightweight Linux Desktop Environment LXDE. LXDE is used to power up low end computers with ubuntu. It is a classic desktop with very minimum system requriements. LXQt is the desktop from LXDE based on Qt. LXQt is made possible by merging […]