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Zorin OS 6 – A Linux Look like Windows 7, XP and Mac OS X

Zorin OS 6 is a linux distribution based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Edition. The Zorin OS team released the “core”, “ultimate” and “business” editions. Zorin OS is developed with Windows users in mind. It looks and feels like Windows 7, Windows XP and also Mac OS X. The noticeable changes in this release which is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS are an all new Zorin Desktop environment, a redesigned software center, Gtk3, new kernel 3.2 and loads of other improvements.

The main feature of Zorin OS is the Zorin Look Changer.With the help of the Zorin Look Changer you can make your desktop look and act like either: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Unity, Mac OS X or GNOME 2 for ultimate ease of use. The Windows 7, Windows XP and GNOME 2 interfaces are available in Zorin OS Core and all of them are available in the Premium versions (Zorin OS Gaming, Multimedia, Business and Ultimate).

Zorin Free is free for download. For premium versions (Zorin Gaming, Multimedia, Business and Ultimate) need payment. Also there is a Zorin Lite version for older computers.

Zorin web browser manager will enable user to choose default browser from installed browsers. Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Midori are availble as options.

Using the Zorin Background Plus a user can set a video, sound or screensaver as your background or set it to the default “Space” animated background with the help of it. However this software is available only in ultimate edition.

Libreoffice, Google Chrome, Thunderbird, Gwibber, Rhythmbox, GIMP, Open Shot Video Editor are came as preinstalled.

Windows users can enjoy many features such as no risk of getting viruses, a faster and stable environment, out of box software such as PDF readers, office suites, email and IM client etc and also compatibility with nearly all software you used in windows.

Download Zorin OS 6 Core – the standard desktop version of Zorin OS. 32 Bit (1.3GB) and 64 Bit (1.4GB)

Download Zorin OS 6 Lite – Version for old and Low spec computers. 32Bit (695 MB)

Download Zorin OS 6 Educational – Version for educational purpose(1.6GB), educational lite version (1.1GB).

Zorin OS helps the transitions from Windows XP, Windows 7 to Linux more easier. You will get a linux looks like windows 7, windows xp and mac os x


Zorin OS 6 Core is the standard desktop version of Zorin OS.

Download 32 bit
Zorin OS 6
Core (1.3 GB)
Download 64 bit
Zorin OS 6
Core (1.4 GB)

MD5sums:             68d18d52ecb1be390848183bf5ae7228   |  1c330e4e136db6462e80a72294759d2b

Zorin OS 6 Lite is the streamlined version of Zorin OS for old and low-spec computers.

Download 32 bit
Zorin OS 6
Lite (695 MB)

MD5sum:                 b22cf62990005336bed06a49fb298657

Zorin OS 5.2 Educational is for educational purposes and the Lite version is for old and low-spec computers.

Zorin OS 5.2
Edu (1.6 GB)
Download Lite
Zorin OS 6
Lite (1.1 GB)
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