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XBMC – Linux Media Center 11.0 Released Install on Ubuntu 11.10/12.04

New XBMC Media Center relelased. The Version XBMC 11 Codenamed Eden released with special features, Improvement in speed, Simple and Better Library, BluRay Support, Skin Improvements, Networking Support, AirPlay Support etc.. Updated Weather and Geoip lookup is a plus. XBMC 11 supports Apple TV and iOS.

Updates in XBMC Media Center 11.0:

  • addon rollbacks so you can install previous addons versions
  • GPU video decoding on Linux to “some extent” for AMD graphic cards
  • support for direct playback of ISO image files for Blu-ray Disc as well as video library integration
  • addons can provide their own web interface
  • improved mouse support, add better control for dragging of seek / slide / scroll bars, and click handling
  • improved touch interface API and gesture support for XBMC’s GUI Engine for all platforms
  • new custom JPEG decoder which is at least 2x faster than the previous implementation
  • support for SSA/ASS subtitle tags; italics, bold, and color for SubRip (.srt) subtitles as well as MP4 embedded subtitles
  • upgraded ffmpeg
  • improved Blu-ray Disc and harddrive playback support of unencrypted bdmv and mpls files without menus
  • support for NFS virtual file server
  • support for AFP (vfs)
  • Airplay support for Videos, Pictures and Music
  • asynchronous threaded background loading of metadata to XBMC’s VFS (Virtual File System)
  • improved TheMovieDB.org movie scraper by adding themoviedb.org posters scraping
  • Linux: support for Texas Instruments OMAP4 (OMAP4430 and OMAP4440 with video decoding on IVA 3)
  • dynamic runtime detection of CPU features (MMX, SSE, 3DNow, etc.) implementation for Linux
  • improved ARM processor architecture support for embedded devices and embedded system platforms

For a complete log, see XBMC Change Log.

XBMC is the ultimate media center solution for all linux distros. Lot of Live distros are made with XBMC.  There is an Ubuntu based XBMC Live distro Called XBMCbuntu. It is buld with LXDE Desktop. This distro is packed with Chromium, Synaptic, File manager etc..

XBMC Media Center 11.0 “Eden” screenshots:

xbmc 11 screenshot


xbmc 11 screenshot


xbmc 11 screenshot


xbmc 11 screenshot


xbmc 11 screenshot


xbmcbuntu 11

Install XBMC Media Center in Ubuntu 11.10/ 12.04


Just add PPA for UBUNTU 11.10, Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu 10.10, Ubuntu 10.04 and Install XBMC 11.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install xbmc

For Ubuntu 12.04 an unofficial PPA is available for XBMC 11

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:nathan-renniewaldock/xbmc-stable sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install xbmc

For other Linux distributions, Mac OSX, Apple TV, iOS, Windows or XBMCbuntu, see the XBMC Media Center download page.

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