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WordPress 3.2 features

The next version of wordpress will release on Jun 30 2012. This release will focus on speed and security. Also some revolutionary changes are included.

Dropping PHP 4 and Mysql 4 Support

For installing or upgrading to 3.2 you will need a PHP 5 and Mysql 5 Server. If you are still running on version 4 then 3.2 will give you an error message that Insufficient server requirements.

This will also improve the security of the whole wordpress system. WordPress is constantly targeted by hackers looking to exploit security vulnerabilities in the system. These vulnerabilities are usually caught and patched, resulting in incremental updates that keep WordPress fresh, clean and safe.

So check your webserver and Mysql server now…

Kill ie6 Save a Web developers Life – So bye, bye ie6

Even Microsoft is counting down the days of ie6 till none of us ever have to deal with that wretched Internet Explorer 6 ever again, the official dropping of support for IE6 is not  a real surprise.

IE7 is also moving to its way out. WordPress officialy droping the support of ie6 and moving up with latest web technology.

New Theme Twenty Eleven in HTML5

WordPress 3.2 comes with a new theme with may features. The main change is its tag is an HTML5. Lot of support like aside, post type, gallery post etc are included in the latest theme.

Starting with two default color schemes – a light one and a dark one – out of the box, Twenty Eleven gives you several solid options including the ability to easily change the overall layout into several different configurations

Great Admin Interface

We’ll start with the new and improved, streamlined WordPress administration interface. the refreshed version of the WordPress 3.2 interface seems to build further in great usability and ajax.

Distraction Free Writing

Continuing the theme of staying out of your way, WordPress also is improving on its authoring experience by enhancing the existing fullscreen writing mode. While you’ve always been able to edit a post in fullscreen mode if you like, the experience has been streamlined in a very Ajax-y kind of way.

Open up the fullscreen mode form the editor and you’ll initially see a fairly minimal screen that gives you only essential authoring options.


The upcoming WordPress features will all be pretty useful and nice, but the most important thing to keep in mind  that you need to be ready  for it on a server level.


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