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WordPress 3.1 Features – Released Beta

The Next WordPress version is coming. The officials said that it will be released on the end of 2010 or starting of 2011 as per the availablity of testers and bug fixers. This time wordpress developers trying to extend the wordpress 3.0 to more effective release. Trying to adding some new features, cleaning up the gui, adding ajax etc…

There are awesome features in new version which will make your WordPress experience much better than earlier. Just have look at the new features in the Beta Version.

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Inter Linking

In the add url button there will be an option to search your old posts. This make the internal interlinking part awsome. You can link your old posts to the currently writing post without pain.

Page Navigation

In the Page Navigation side You can now enter the page number for just directly go into a page. If you are searching a file in a 100 page section and you know the file in which page then this is very good. No need to press next next every time.

Column sorting

WordPress 3.1 is providing you the feature to click a column header to change display to sort out things by authors, dates etc. You can do it just by clicking on column header to sort by that column or to reverse the order.

Admin Bar

In WordPress 3.1, an administration bar will be added to connect the back end to the front end of your blog. This feature will be most useful for people on multisite installs, but it will be useful for single-site users also because it provides 1-click access to dashboard, new post form, etc.

Ajaxified Admin Screens

The Ajaxified admin comes with sorting on most columns and ajaxify sorting, searching, and pagination. It also introduces a new pagination style for edit.php pages in the wp backend. For example on your edit posts page when you have tons of post, the pagination requires a few clicks to get to page 10. This new version will make it easier.

Separate Multisite Network Dashboard

This new feature create a different dashboard for multisite administration. The current UI is completely revamped. An option to create a personal dashboard to replace the global dashboard for those users who have an account but no site in multi-site was considered as well.

Quick Press Template Tag

The quick press tag will alow other front end users [not admin but can post] to add content to the blog using the quick press widget. The quick press widget is in the rightside of the admin dashboard. This quick press tag will create a widget for other users.

Improved UI for Searching and Browsing Installed Themes

The goal is to swipe the current user-interface (UI) with the WordPress.com interface as it is much more user-friendly. It would be very useful for sites that have a lot of installed themes specially Multi-Site users that generally tends to have a lot of themes installed.

Custom Post Type Index Pages

WordPress 3.0 has a great feature to create custom post types. But there is no index page for newly created post types. In 3.1 you can make index pages for your own custom posts like movies,actors,music,albums like the posts.

Also Updated Tiny MCE,Multi-taxonomy Queries,Admin CSS Cleanup ,User Admin ,Password Reset Redux are planned in the current release

WordPress 3.1 Beta

You can download the beta from official wordpress website :

This version is Beta. Not for Production environmets ….

Have fun with your local devbox …!!!

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