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WordPress 3.0 Beta Released

The Upcoming CMS – WordPress 3.0 Beta 1 released. It merging WordPress MU and the existing wordpress make WordPress a Multiple Website Content Management System. So it can power a lot of websites from single code base. A great feature that searched for past years. Drupal,Joomla has plugins to manage them. This make wordpress the easiest CMS with great quality. 3.0 Features other great improvements. Also Buddy press will make a social networking website with wordpress.

Features of WordPress 3.0

These are the features in the beta release. Take a quick look what is inside.

Installation Password for Administrator

There is an option to select a password for the admin user in the time of installation. This is a great improvement because in the time of installation wordpress will generate a random password [it will not remember] so we want to login into the admin and change the password immedietly. If you forgot to change that then you lost the wordpress installation. Now we can select our password.

New Default Theme Twenty Ten

A new great default theme twentyten introduced. It includes nearly 5 widget positions and 6 or more custom header images. Some small CSS quirks change this theme to a great looking website. Dropdown menus, Custom background,widgets will make this theme a great default. Premium theme builders will build stunning themes for wordpress 3.0.

Custom Background Images for WordPress 3.0

You can select custom background image for worpdress 3.0. With just a click you can change the total mood of a website from winter to summer. The small repeating image will make magic. You can disable this feature if you are using colors as background.

Custom Post Types

By activating this feature you can have custom post types like news,tips,portfolio,lifestream etc… Also you can add custom management for these custom types

Custom Taxonomies

Custom taxonomies have been made easier to use, as well as hierarchical – which means you could have a taxonomy called ‘Rating’, with sub-taxonomies like PG-13, R , U etc.

Custom Navigation Menus

You can create your own navigation menus for various purpose. These navigation menus include internal links,external links,categories,posts,pages custom post types etc.. This will make the CMS more robust and feature rich. There is a simple UI to create menus. WordPress dev says the UI in beta 1 is a test purpose it will completely change in beta 2 release.

Bulk Update of Plugins & Themes

You can update all the themes and plugins with a single click. The total engine is updated and all the plugins are reactivated with out any difficulty.  This is probably the most requested feature for WordPress because a feature rich wordpress site include lot of plugins and updating them and reconfiguring them is a head ache for an administrator. The One click updation will simplyfies the process.

Other Features in WordPress 3.0

Change to comments UI to show when a comment is replying to another, and link to the parent comment.

A good User manager

Welcome Guide

Download WordPress 3.0

Beta 1 is released for testing and download. This is a beta release never use this for production environment. You can install this into your devbox and play with 3.0 . Reporting bugs will help wordpress to improve the code base better.

When will get the 3.0

As per the wordpress road map the 3.0 final will be released in the first week of May 2010. With complete multiple website management support.

A nice simple CMS with great features..

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