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Web Based Mysql Administration Tool – Chive Released

Now a days phpmyadmin is using widly for managing mysql databases in almost all hosting environments.Think of an alternative ?

Chive is an alternative tool for PhpMyadmin, it is a webbased MySQL database management tool. The web-based user interface supports most of the common operations needed by software developers and database admins in MySQL(databases, tables, indices, keys, triggers, views, routines, privileges management, import/export).

A comparaison between Chive, PhpMyAdmin and SQL Budy:

chive phpMyAdmin SqlBuddy
License GPLv3 GPL MiT-Style license
Platform independent yes yes yes
Database MySql MySql MySql
Programming Language PHP PHP PHP
Create & Alter
Database yes yes yes
Table yes yes yes
Routines rudimental rudimental
Trigger rudimental rudimental
Views rudimental rudimental
Database yes yes yes
Table yes yes yes
Routines rudimental yes
Trigger rudimental yes
Views yes yes
Editor with syntax highlighting yes yes
Usermanagement yes yes yes
Export SQL SQL, CSV, … SQL
Foreignkeys yes yes no
Indices yes yes yes
Direct database authentication
to improve security
yes no yes

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The latest release of chive can be downloaded from the official page


For more info and screenshot for chive, please check the official page


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