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Upgrade to Fedora 17 from Fedora 16,15

The next great Fedora 17 is releasing on end of May 2012. They slipped the schedule one more week for a last minute fix. So how to upgrade to Fedora 17. The method is very simple but dont forget to backup your existing system to an external hard drive or something before starting the upgrade.

Open Terminal

su -

you will ask for the root password.

Then enter the following commands

yum update rpm yum -y update

Clear the Yum Cache

yum clean all

Install preupgrade

yum install preupgrade preupgrade

IF you are on the complete version of Fedora with Server then go for this


After  the upgrade finished,  reboot  the machine. It takes some time based on the speed of your internet connection. A standard distro comes with 600MB and server nearly 4GB. Make sure power is on for full time and internet is ok. If anything break there are chances for accidents.

That`s all

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