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Ubuntu Linux Satanic Edition (666.9)

Ubuntu Linux SE – Not second edition its Satanic Edition. The operating system for Satan and people who loving the Satan. There is God so there is Ubuntu Linux Christian Edition for god fearing people. If there is god then there is Satan of course there is operating system for Satan. That is Ubuntu Linux SE. Looks weird?  Just go ubuntusatanic.org.

This is an Ubuntu remix based on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) instead of the latest Natty Narwhal release. The distro features with so carefully selected themes and wallpapers to feel you the Satan. The general thing Dark and light Gnome themes with a blood-soaked feel and New! Icon theme based on artwork by renowned artist Paul “Mattahan” Davey. You can see Ubuntu logo with skull face or ubuntu logo with satans .

Satanic Edition is downloadable as an “undead CD” rather than a “live CD”. The system starts with snazzy-looking Satanic Edition logo. The UbuntuSE is  just a re skinned version of Maverick Meerkat. It comes with a set of  GNOME themes and  devilish Satanic Edition wallpaper collection. In addition, each version of Satanic Edition ships with a handful of Creative Commons-licensed metal tracks.

They say that

“You can also upgrade your existing Ubuntu installation with a comprehensive set of themes to make your desktop dark and malevolent. Don’t worry; you can easily change your system back if you intend to recant.”

So that is the power of opensource. You can make anything at your imagination. Ubuntu cats edition. Ubuntu Sailors edition etc…

At least The god and The satan got computers and good Operating systems. In heaven and hell there will be more systematic computers with Ubuntu near future.

So start using ubuntu and  become experts. When you reach heaven or hell there is no MS or Apple Only Ubuntu.Saint IGNUcius Pray for Us.

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