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Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Released Download Now

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is released and available for download. This is a Long Term Support Edition. So it will be offiicially suppoerted for 2019. This edition is aimed for stable, reliable, fast and secure ubuntu.

System Requirements of Ubuntu 14.04

The system requirements vary from different Ubuntu remix. For the main Ubuntu Desktop we need a 1 GHz Pentium 4 Processor with minimum 1GB of RAM and a 5GB of Hard Disk space. For less powerfull computers we have Lubuntu and Xubuntu.


Download Ubuntu 14.04:

Ubuntu ISO images are available for download now.

Download Ubuntu 14.04 – Torrent (Faster Download)

Ubuntu Gnome 14.04
32 Bit Edition: Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 i386 (torrent)
64 Bit Edition: Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 amd64 (torrent)

Kubuntu 14.04
32 Bit Edition: Kubuntu 14.04 i386 (torrent)
64 Bit Edition: Kubuntu 14.04 amd64 (torrent)

Xubuntu 14.04
32 Bit Edition: Xubuntu 14.04 i386 (torrent)
64 Bit Edition: Xubuntu 14.04 amd64 (torrent)

Lubuntu 14.04
32 Bit Edition: Lubuntu 14.04 i386 (torrent)
64 Bit Edition: Lubuntu 14.04 amd64 (torrent)
Apple Mac 64 Bit: Lubuntu 14.04 amd64+mac (torrent)
Mac PPC & IBM PPC(Power5): Lubuntu-14.04-desktop-powerpc.iso (torrent)

Edubuntu 14.04
32 Bit Edition: Edubuntu 14.04 i386 (torrent)
64 Bit Edition: Edubuntu 14.04 amd64 (torrent)

Ubuntu Studio 14.04
32 Bit Edition: Ubuntu Studio 14.04 i386 (torrent)
64 Bit Edition: Ubuntu Studio 14.04 amd64 (torrent)

UbuntuKylin 14.04
32 Bit Edition: UbuntuKylin 14.04 i386 (torrent)
64 Bit Edition: UbuntuKylin 14.04 amd64 (torrent)


Existing Ubuntu users can install Unetbootin (or use Startup Disc Creator) from the repositories, and use any of these application to migrate the above downloaded image to a USB Flash Drive or USB Thumb Drive. Afterwards you can boot from your USB drive, or you can burn it to a disc with Brasero, or K3b, and boot from your CD/DVD drive instead. USB is much faster than CDs or DVDs when it comes to installation time, and less chance of data corruption.

Existing Mac users can use these instructions on how to install Ubuntu for the first time:

Existing Windows users can use these instructions on how to install Ubuntu for the first time if you are new to Ubuntu Linux. Find out out if you are running 32-bit or 64-bit hardware. I recommend using a USB Flash Thumb Drive to install Ubuntu OS. (Recommended):

What is new in Ubuntu 14.04


Check this quick Video from OMG Ubuntu for the latest features in Ubuntu Unitiy.

New Features of Ubuntu 14.04

This release is focused on stability so more new features and experiments are not included. But we have some new exciting features to the Unity Desktop environment. The latest Unity desktop is much more polished in its look and great in performance.

Some key features of New Unity Include:

  • New Lock Screen: completely matches login screen with the desktop with much ease of access
  • Changes in Theme: borderless windows, antialiased corners and gradient tweaks
  • Aplication Window Spread Typing: Filters windows by typing the window name. (you will get opened firefox window by just start type Firefox)
  • Local Menus: The Applicaiton menus are available on the top bar of the Application.
  • Unity 8 Preview: Don’t expect anything special or stable, but only for developers

Compiz, the graphics engine Unity uses, feels silky smooth. Animations are seamless. The UI has also been optimised for high pixel density displays, allowing the OS to play nicely on the latest hardware.


Install Ubuntu 14.04 from a USB disk or DVD.


Ubuntu 14.04 Local Menus in Applicaiton


Change the size of the Launcher in the left side. Can make as small as 16 px.


Click on the Icon in the Launcher to minimize the window


Type the Name of the application to filter the opened window


Visual display of resizing the window


New Lock Screen matches the Desktop


New Polished themes with Borderless windows


Keyboard shortcuts to first login for new users


Latest applications with Complete Office suite and Firefox


Much more polished unity with smooth animations


With Touch Screen support


12 New wallpapers

Default Applications In Ubuntu 14.04

  • Firefox 28 – Web Browser
  • Thunderbird 24.4 – Email Client
  • LibreOffice 4.2.3 – Office Suite
  • Nautilus 3.10.1 – File Browser
  • Gedit 3.10.4 – Text Editor
  • Totem 3.10.1 – Video Player
  • Deja-Dup Backup Tool 30
  • Shotwell 0.18 – Photo Manager
  • Rhythmbox 3.0.2 – Music Player
  • Empathy 3.8.6 – IM Client
  • Transmission 2.82 – Download Manager
  • Ubuntu Software Center 13.10 – Software Manager
Unity 7.2.0 (+14.04.20140414.1)
GTK 3.10.8.
Ubuntu Linux Kernel 3.13.0-24.46 based on upstream 3.13.9 Linux Kernel,
Xorg server 1.15.1
Mesa 10.1.0.
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS will be supported for 5 years while all the other flavors will have a support period of 3 years.
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