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Ubuntu 14.04 Features and and Improvements

Ubuntu 14.04 code-named “Trusty Tahr” will be released on 17th April 2014. Ubuntu 14.04 is a LTS (Long Term Support) Release. It will be supported for next 5 years. That is security updates for Ubuntu 14.04 will be available for 2019. Ubuntu 14.04 focus on stability over new feature inclusion. It will be released with Linux kernel revision, 3.13, with all the improvements. It pack Gnome 3.10 apps as default ubuntu.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS was expected to be the first converged desktop/tablet/smartphone release of all the time. But Mark Shuttleworth now estimates that desktop/tablet/smartphone convergence won’t be reached until Ubuntu 15.04 or later. MIR display driver is delayed to Ubuntu 16.04 and 14.04 will stick with X.org Server. Also Unity 8 (Unity Next) will be fully functional on Ubuntu 15.04 only. So Ubuntu 14.04 is a desktop only OS with lot of expectation to mobile/tablet world. A preview of Unity 8 will also be included in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

Smaller Unity Launcher

The size of the Unity Launcher on the left side of can be re-sized to 16px wide on system settings. There is a slider in the System Settings > Appearance pane to adjust the width of the Launcher. The default settings is 48px now but it can be re-sized to 16px on Ubuntu 14.04.

On 16px the launcher is really unusable but if a user wish then he can change it to the miniature form.


Increase the Volume of more than 100%.

Sometime the volume of the media is extremely low and the Laptop speakers will produce a little voice then watching a favorite movie will be a difficult experience. VLC player bring a nice solution to this problem. In that we can increase the volume to 200%. Now in Ubuntu 14.04 without extra apps we can increase the volume more than 100%. This feature is disabled by default, you can enable it by tick “Allow Louder” in System settings > Sound . Increasing the volume unconditionally may be affect the performance of the speakers but some time when the sound is extremely low this feature is a real need.

Better Lock Screen with shortcut

Ubuntu 14.04 got a better lock screen with a nice short cut to it (Super + L). The new lock screen is more responsive and beautiful than ever. It is fast and great-looking responsive. It is a clone of the login screen and is not based on LightDM. The Super L key instantly locks the screen and display all the necessary information on the top bar.


Borderless Windows

GTK3 CSS-themed window decorations are introduced on Unity 7. Now all app windows now have antialiased corners.
The default Ambiance and Radiance themes  will be borderless in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS “Trusty Tahr”. It’s yet another small change but that made a huge difference in the overall visual presence of Ubuntu 14.04.

The new borderless theme make windows look much more gorgeous than ever.


Localy Integrated Menus in Applications

New app menus are landed on Ubuntu 14.04. For unmaximised windows the full menu is available on the title bar of the application. When the menus are wider than the available space the trailing options are added as drop-down list at the end. This menu comes in addition to the global menus.

This is a very nice feature because on large resolutions the travelling distance of the mouse from unmaximized window to the top corner of the screen is somewhat large. But by using this option all the application menu is available on the menu title bar itself.

Full menus for Gnome apps

Latest GNOME applications,such as Nautilus, Rhythmbox, EOG  now use a single “app menu” entry to group commonly accessed items instead category groups; e.g., ‘Edit’, ‘Help’, etc. This option, which may work nicely for GNOME environment, does not fit well with Unity. Which is why, Ubuntu developers have patched these applications to bring back full menus to GNOME apps to be shipped with Ubuntu 14.04.


Improved spread mode

The newly-updated Unity 7.x retains only active icons in spread mode, keeping on the active icon in focus; for example, opening a folder with Nautilus and opening another folder with Nautilus, retains as active icon on the Unity launcher the Nautilus’ icon, while dimming out all icons on the Unity launcher except the Ubuntu logo. When all windows are open in spread mode, you can type the name(window title) of the open window to pick the window of your choice.

Smoother Window Resizing

The windows can be resized smoothly on Ubuntu 14.04.  Check the video for getting an idea of these new features.

New Shutdown dialogues

Ubuntu 14.04 improves upon the old shutdown and restart dialogues at Unity greeter screen. The newly-updated Unity greeter’s dialogues come with chameleon look, optimized spacing, blur, etc,  similar to their desktop counterpart. These improvements provide a more consistent experience during shutdown and restart  which is in line with the rest of the OS.


New 11 nice community wallpapers are also landed on Ubuntu 14.04 these wallpapers keeps constant color combination and mood for the OS.

Ubuntu 14.04 Overview

Release Date : 17th April 2014

Kernel Version : 3.13

Gnome 3.10

KDE 4.12.2


Source : Muktware, OmgUbuntu


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