Ubuntu 13.04 Codenamed Raring Ringtail on Mobiles, TVs and PCs

Ubuntu 13.04 is codenamed Raring Ringtail. Mark Shuttleworth officially announced the codename on his blog. The next ubuntu release will be planned on April 2013.

In the announcement, Mark also mentions that by the time of the next LTS (14.04), the Ubuntu phone, tablet and TV should all be lined up and until then, some things will need special attention, “like battery life, number of running processes, memory footprint“.

Mark Shuttleworth has confirmed that the mascot is a Ringtail Racoon (which confusingly is also known as theĀ RingtailĀ Cat).

The Ubuntu 13.04 will be with new Unity interface that will really fit on mobiles and tvs etc. The Next plans to start seriously laying the groundwork for phone, tablet and TV interfaces, which he hopes to have in place for the next LTS release in April of 2014 (14.04). Don’t expect a full-fledged Ubuntu smartphone OS in six months, however, the first step will be working on.


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