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Ubuntu 12.10 Wallpapers Download

The Upcoming Ubuntu 12.10 include 12 new wallpapers from the community. The Ubuntu 12.10 wallpaper bundle now landed on ubuntu 12.10. The Bundle is made from the winning wallpapers from the wallpaper contest run on flickr group. The wallpapers selected for Ubuntu 12.10 listed below. The latest ubuntu wallpapers are awesome.











There are lot of other great wallpapers in the flickr group. All the images are licensed to download and use

If you’re not using  Ubuntu 12.10, you can download the wallpapers from HERE or, you can download all the Ubuntu community wallpapers from Ubuntu Karmic to Quantal.
Official ubuntu team announced that there will be 10 wallpapers in ubuntu 12.10 but now in the wallpaper bundle there are 12. So there is a chance of deleting two of them.
This set is a great set of wallpapers for every distro.
Download and enjoy.
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  1. Dear sir, The third one named Blue_Dandelion_by_Jaorizabal.jpg has been removed from wall paper list, due to the original ownership debate.

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