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Ubuntu 12.04 Wallpapers Contest Started on Flickr

The Next majour release of ubuntu is Precise Pangolin. The Default wallpapers for Ubuntu 12.04 contest started on Flickr. Anybody can submit quality photographs or illustrations to be considered as the default set of wallpapers in Ubuntu 12.04. The wallpapers are selected from a public pool of Flickr called Precise Pangolin wallpaper submissions group .

The dead line of the contest is on 15th  March 2012. After that a dozen of high quality wallpapers are selected and published in ubuntu 12.04. The License must be cc-by-sa [ Attribution-NoDerivs] and the size must be larger than 1024px. There is a limit that one person can add one photo in a day.

There are already lot of very good wallpapers in the group. Take a look

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