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Ubuntu 12.04 Features and Updates

The coming Ubuntu 12.04 is a LTS version and is supported for 5 years. Crystal clear unity desktop with no bugs is the aim. That is why it is precise pangolin. With the completion of the Ubuntu Developers Summit, the clear course for development of Precise Pangolin is now established. Here are the list of changes and new features added to the upcoming ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.04 release schedule says the final release will happen on April 26th 2012. You will get the first taste on March 1st 2012. And you can expect Ubuntu 10.04.4 on February 16th 2012.

Ubuntu will go 64-bit by default

Perhaps the most significant change for Ubuntu will be the switch to 64-bit images. This means that Ubuntu will, select the 64-bit by default. The option of downloading 32-bit images is also available. Ubuntu did not support 64-bit images earlier due to lack of multiarch support. As multiarch support is now available, 64-bit is actively supported with Precise.

750MB ISO – Not fit for CD

As difficulties in placing the entire cycle on the CD was a challenge in the last cycle itself, Precise Pangolin now migrates to DVD and you also have an option of using the USB stick. Despite the availability of space, only 50MB was placed on the DVD.

Greeter to improve

First, the Unity Greeter in conjunction with the LightDM will be used to lock the screen. Secondly, by connecting to message indicator more info maybe displayed. Thirdly, the wallpaper used for the greeter will be used for the LightDM as well.

Other expected changes include addition of theme widgets. Login Box resemble lenses, will also include a password changer or implement session option along and necessary design improvements.

Ubuntu Software Center Upgraded

First the startup time will speeded up from the present 11.2s to 2s. A check box to launch new applications from Launcher will be added for auto addition of any newly installed applications on the launcher. Critical Synaptic features will be added to the Ubuntu Software Center, which will reinstall, update as well as pin a version to it.

New categories to be added to USC include- lens and scopes, support plug-ins, new interface that will manage help and application refund. Changes for supporting multiple screenshots, as well as localized screenshots and multiple screenshots will be included. Addition of videos, improving application sync between computers as well as Indicators are some of the new categories that will be included.

Advanced Unity features

While only chosen apps can be whitelisted, integration of apps with Unity is greatly advanced including badges, quicklists etc. Other features will include dragging lenses into launchers and for Unity 2D, Unity window decoration buttons for window maximization are included.

Wayland may be included for tech preview.

Say no to Mono

Precise Pangolin will be free of Mono as the only two remaining Tomboy and Gbrancy applications using it are dropped. This means that Rhythmbox will now replace Banshee for the same reason.

Remmina and FreeRDP will be replaced by Vinagre, tsclient as well as rdesktop as Gnome is likely to drop Vinagre soon. Besides Remmina supports better UI in comparison to Vinagre.

Control Center may soon absorb Zeitgeist Activity Log Manger for better management of folders and history.

Changes which were not included include Pi TiVi Video editor, GNOME Sushi as well as GNOME Documents.

Source : New Features Pack for Precise Pangolin (Ubuntu 12.04)

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