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Ubuntu 11.10 Themes for Unity and Gnome Shell

The Latest Ubuntu released. Ubuntu 11.10 comes with much improved unity interface. Ubuntu 11.10 is shipped with gnome 3.2. The customization for unity and gnome shell are very less. But you can find some nice themes to change your user experience in ubuntu 11.1o. The default themes to ubuntu 11.10 and ambiance and radiance. But you can install other unity themes and icons. To chnage the icons and Gtk Theme you need the gnome tweak tool

Install Gnome Tweak Tool in Ubuntu 11.10

Gnome tweak tool is a nice GTK tool to change the icon themes and gtk themes of gnome 3. Ubuntu 11.10 uses gnome 3.2 so if you want to change the theme then you want to change the GTK theme and unity theme. For install gnome tweak tool just open terminal Ctrl+Alt+T then type

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

Then search for “Advanced Settings” in the menu and look under the “Theme” tab.

 Themes for Ubuntu 11.10 Unity

Radiamentary Theme for Unity

Download Radiamentary Theme

To install themes in unity, Extract and Copy the theme file to usr/share/themes ; then open Gnome Tweak Tool and select that theme (GTK, icon, window etc). That’s All.

Ambiance Blue theme pack

Ambiance Blue is a theme pack that includes a GTK2, GTK3 and GNOME Shell theme. This pack  has been updated for GNOME 3.2.

Ambiance Blue is available in the WebUpd8 themes PPA so Ubuntu 11.10 users can install it using the commands below:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/themes 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install ambiance-blue-theme

If you don’t want to add the PPA or don’t use Ubuntu, download Ambiance Blue theme pack from DeviantArt.

More unity themes are @ DeviantArt: Elementary, Orta, Minty Freshness . Click on the links to download the themes.

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