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Ubuntu 11.10 Features

As usual the Ubuntu 11.10 distribution is available as an installable LiveCD and as a DVD image. The ISO files are now hybrid images that can either be burnt to CD or written directly to a USB flash drive using dd to create a bootable medium. This is the greatest ubuntu ever released. It is based on the milestone which put on ubuntu 11.04.  In ubuntu 11.10, the ubuntu team have put particular effort into revising the applications area, improving the usability of the Software Centre and enhancing Ubuntu’s Unity interface.

The Interface change – Updates of Unity

The 2D version of the unity interface is now fully functional. The 2D interface is automattically active when the sytem hardware fail to load the 3D interface. the hardware acceleration features of most Intel and AMD chips are accessible via the free drivers that are included in the distribution. However, recent NVIDIA chips still require the vendor’s proprietary drivers to be installed manually.

The filter options for finding programs on the Dash have been redesigned. Instead of a drop-down menu, clicking on “Filter results” opens a column with various filter options. These options include “categories” when searching for applications, and “file type” and “file size” when searching for files.

When searching a programme in the dash it will show the results of available programmes in the repository. A new Dash component is the music lens, which finds local audio files and will also send the search criteria to the Ubuntu Music Store that is integrated in Banshee.

People those are not fans of unity interface can easly switch to gnome-shell. The latest ubuntu is build with gnome 3.2 and gnome shell is there in the official repository. Just search gnome shell in the ubuntu software centre and click install to get the latest gnome 3.2 shell.

Changes to Software in Ubuntu 11.10

The default email client is now Thunderbird. The problem is Evolution files such as emails, contacts and calendar items which may be stored on the hard disk are not automatically imported into Thunderbird. Trying to import them manually via “Tools / Import” is also unsuccessful because Thunderbird doesn’t find the Evolution files.

The social media client Gwibber got major changes in the interface and performance also. It got a new gui with GTK and Vala. The revamp also included a new visual design that allows users to switch between streams using icons at the top of the window. However, the context menu option for translating posts is no longer available.

Déjà Dup backup tool is included as a default software. By default, a user’s Ubuntu One account is the designated backup storage location, but data can also be backed up via SSH, on a WebDAV or FTP server, on a shared Windows volume, or on a local storage device. If the automatic data backup feature is enabled, Déjà Dup is pre-set to create a backup of the user’s home directory, excluding the waste bin and the download folder, once a week.

Flash player 11 can be installed by using Software Centre’s “Canonical Partner Channel” .This channel also offers Skype and the Fluendo MP3 codec.

The Ubuntu software center also got major change in the gui. It has now more precise suggession options, top rated apps etc.. Instead of the classical two-column package manager layout, its visual appearance is now more like that of Apple’s App Store or the Android Market.The new design’s main objective is to allow users to see at a glance the range of applications that are available under Linux.

New OneConf, a feature that allows information such as the list of installed packages and some configuration settings to be synchronised across multiple computers. The control panel has become more easily accessible again in version 11.10.

Ubuntu uses version 3.0 of the Linux kernel.Ubuntu 11.10 also includes GCC 4.6.1 and X.org 7.6. Its default filesystem continues to be Ext4.


The Ubuntu Server also offers several improvements. Ubuntu 11.10 Server run on 32-bit and 64-bit x86 processors and ARM platforms – Canonical anticipates that economical servers with multiple multi-core ARM processors will become available in the foreseeable future, and it wants to be prepared.


The latest ubuntu comes with much stability and polish over what was introduced in ubuntu 11.04. No major changes are introduced. Only a hand full The Thunderbird, DejaDup, Unity Lenses, and removal of synaptic package manager. You can manually install all the removed packages with ease.  It is the greatest Ubuntu Canonical ever released.

More details can be found in the official release announcement and in the release notes. And the awsome ubuntu features tour created in ubuntu.com website.

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