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Ubuntu 10.10 Wallpapers Announced

The wait is over. The final result came. There are 17 great wallpapers for new ubuntu 10.10 selected from the ubuntu group in flickr. Great Photos. There are lot of great photos in the group. Most of them are Creative Commons SA licensed. You can see My submissions here.

Aeg_by_Tauno_ErikBlue_box_number_2_by_orb9220Blue_by_ElSlunkoFern_by_aalex04[4]Mirada_Perduda_by_Marxicoli[3]Life_by_Paco_EspinozaCrocosmia_by_sirpecangumFeather_by_quinn.anyaLiquid_glass_by_matthileoMorning_II_by_Tadas_NSONY DSCRopey_Photo_by_Bob_FarrellSerenity_Enchanted_by_sirpecangumSpiral_by_fi?asSmile_by_quinn.anyaWaterchain_by_Poje_MarioBubbles_by_JanneM[4]

Download Ubuntu 10.10 Wallpapers

You can download the tar from ubuntu


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