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Top WordPress 3.3 Features and Updates

The new wordpress is nearing its release. WordPress 3.3 coming with lot of changes to the admin and frontend. Now there are clients available for android and iphone. So you can manage your wordpress blog or wordpress powered website from your mobile devices. It is also compatible with most offline blogging clients like windows live writer and blogilo.

Popout Menus

The popout menus are a great feature in wordpress 3.3. This will save an extra mouse click to get the desired menu. It improves the ease of use a lot. Also this popup menus are implemented in the admin bar also.

Modified Admin Bar

The total admin bar is modified. More features are added into it. When viewing the site or on the admin panel. The new link will show a popup menu describing what things you can add to your blog. Post, Media, Link, Page, User or if you create a custom post type then that also. The core team combined the Howdy area and admin bar together.

Effective Media Uploader

One of the greatest new features of WordPress 3.3 is the new drag and drop media uploader.  It every easy to drag files from your desktop and  drop them in the add media area. The new uploader also has support for HTML5 and Silverlight.

Tooltips for New comers

If a new person join into a wordpress website or a new wordpress website installed the tooltips will come and say what buttons do what. It is a very helpfull feature to explain theme options, plugin options or things to do after install a wordpress theme or plugin. Soon plugin developers using these pointers to their advantage.

New Permalink Structure.

In wordpress 3.3 a new permalink structure introduced. Which is called postname. just the name of the post coming after the slash. Most of the wordpress websites using this structure. In the previous versions it causes some speed penalty. Now the performance issues have been fixed, so this setting is now usable for sites that have a large number of posts and pages.

  • Responsive Layout: The leftside menu collapses automatically on small size screens. The popout menus make it is still easy to access functions. The full implementation of the responsive layout will be get on wordpress 3.4.
  • jQuery 1.7 and jQuery UI 1.8.16: Updated jQuery and now the full jQuery UI toolset are now packaged and ready to be enqueued in WordPress 3.3.
  • WordPress Editor API: Plugin developers can now customize the post editor, including the TinyMCE buttons. You can even add additional editors.

Live Demo of WordPress 3.3

wpbeginner.com  providing a Live Demo Site for you to try out all of the new features and get yourself acquainted with WordPress 3.3. Live WordPress 3.3 Demo.

Download WordPress 3.3

You can download the wordpress 3.3 from the wordpress.org.

You will get more updates on  What’s coming in WordPress 3.3 (Features, Screenshots, and Live Demo) Post in Wpbeginer.com

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