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Themes and Wallpapers for Ubuntu 10.10

There are lot of themes released for ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat other than the default one. You can install and customize your ubuntu 10.10 like your mood. The bisigi project aimed for provide great looking themes for ubuntu 10.10 There are 14 themes available for ubuntu 10.10 currently. The installation is easy , just add the repository and then install the theme you like or the whole collection with one command.

1 – Add the repository

It’s easier than in previous ubuntu versions! Open a terminal and do:

sudo add-apt-repository  ppa:bisigi/ppa && sudo apt-get update

if the server doesn’t respond, just wait a few minutes and try again

2 – Install Themes

Then install themes: (this command install all themes. If you want to install only one theme, go look here)

Now, To install all themes use this command :

sudo apt-get install bisigi-themes

If you want to install the themes one by one ,then you will have to type the command correspondent to the theme you want to install (first follow the steps above to add the repositories) :

1-Showtime for Gnome :

sudo apt-get install showtime-theme 

2- Balanzan

sudo apt-get install balanzan-theme 


sudo apt-get install infinity-theme 

3-Wild shine

 sudo apt-get install wild-shine-theme 


sudo apt-get install exotic-theme

5- Tropical

sudo apt-get install tropical-theme 

6-Bamboo Zen

sudo apt-get install bamboo-zen-theme

7- Ubuntu sunrise

  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sunrise-theme 

8- Aqua Dreams

sudo apt-get install aquadreams-theme 

To remove thethemes you have to use the command :

sudo apt-get remove theme-name 

9- Orange

Orange is A New theme from Bisigi blog,This theme is lightweigh one with just 2 Mo, and it is based on a beautifull wallpaper the umar123.

sudo apt-get install orange-theme

10- Ellanna

Ellana , is the latest theme that bring us the famous Bisigi project. This theme is a little bit special. First of all, it’s the first theme drawn for women. And it’s the first theme, which is a special command too.

sudo apt-get install ellanna-theme

11- Airlines :

This is the first theme based on a walltime (wallpaper that change during the day).

It includes:

– 1 wallpaper
– 1 GTK theme
– 1 Metacity theme
– 1 icons pack

Install Airlines :

sudo aptitude install airlines-theme


This theme has been designed to be used in dark rooms. The various components are darker than is other bisigi themes! It includes

  • 1 Wallpaper: created by Leo L.
  • 2 Gtk theme (only one packaged in the repository)
  • 2 Metacity theme (only one package in the repository)
  • 1 Metacity theme
  • 1 Icons pack

Wallpapers of Ubuntu 10.10

There are 17 Wallpapers are added by default. But there are lot of wallpapers  The filckr group of ubuntu.  All the wallpapers are free to download and use the are licensed on CC-BY-SA license.

Check the wallpapers…

There are more to look and download . You just go to Ubuntu group in flickr.

Ubuntu 10.10 Live Wallpapers

By using compiz fusion frame work you can set live wallpapers for ubuntu. For install live wallpaper make sure that you are installed the compiz fusion .

Installation of Compiz Fustion is very simple. Open A terminal then

sudo apt-get install compiz compiz-plugins compiz-gnome compiz-core emerald compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra fusion-icon compizconfig-settings-manager

To install the live wallpaper just type in your terminal

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ilap/lwp
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install compiz-plugins-livewallpapers

Then enable the plugin

  • Right click on the Desktop and choose ‘Change Desktop Background‘
  • Press the  “Add” button
  • Enter “/usr/share/backgrounds” in “Location” field. Hit the return/enter key
  • Select ‘Space_by_ilap.jpg’
  • Press ”Open” followed by “Close”

After the background is changed you need to enable the “Galaxy Live Wallpaper” plugin via the CompizConfig Settings Manager. Systems -> Preferences -> CompizConfig Settings Manager or right click on the compiz icon on the system tray

In the settings manager left-hand side pane select “Live Wallpapers” and check/enable ‘Galaxy Live Wallpaper’.

Toggle the live galaxy effect by pressing the “Super” (Windows logo button) + “F4” keys .

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