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The Play framework for Webapplications with Java and Scala

Play is a Web Application Development framework for Java/Scala Programmers. It is more easy to create high performance and scalable web applications easly with the power of Java and Scala compiler. The new version of Play 2.0 support Java or Scala.

Play is recommended for Java people who are writing high performing web applications. The majour concepts are borrowed from Ruby on Rails. Programmers can easly deploy the applications to cloud,

Features of Play Framework

Strong & Fast

Play leverages the power of the Scala compiler to type check everything. Get away from runtime errors and enjoy extreme performance!


Play is architected around a reactive model: based on event-driven, non-blocking IO. Get ready for realtime!


Play is based on a stateless, web-friendly architecture. Easy to scale by adding more servers!

More features includes

  • Fast turnaroundEdit your files, save, refresh your browser and see the results immediately! No need to compile, deploy or restart the server.
  • Fun & ProductiveCut out the time you spend waiting for your application to restart, increase your productivity and complete your projects faster.
  • True ScalabilityScale easily by running your application on several Play servers. Scale out your backend on multiple cores, or multiple nodes using Akka actors.
  • Java & Scala APIUse Java, Scala or mix both languages in a single application. Play makes it easier to use the greatest Scala features while keeping 100% compatible with your existing Java code and libraries.
  • Powerful build systemSimple yet extremely powerful build system based on sbt. Ready to use with latest Web technologies like Less CSS, Google Closure and CoffeeScript.
  • Ready to startDownload the package and you’re done. Start hacking with the integrated Play console and development server. Push to production with a single command.

Get the latest official version

The latest official version is 2.0 (March 13 2012).

play-2.0.zip Mar 13 2012 89.4M

Getting started with Play 2.0

  1. Installing Play 2.0
  2. Creating a new application
  3. Anatomy of a Play 2.0 application
  4. Using the Play 2.0 console
  5. Setting-up your preferred IDE
  6. Sample applications

Working with Play 2.0

  1. Play 2.0 for Scala developers
  2. Play 2.0 for Java developers

Detailed topics

  1. The Build system
    1. About sbt settings
    2. Manage application dependencies
    3. Working with sub-projects
  2. Working with public assets
    1. Using CoffeeScript
    2. Using LESS CSS
    3. Using Google Closure Compiler
  3. Managing database evolutions
  4. Configuration file syntax and features
    1. Configuring the JDBC connection pool
    2. Configuring the internal Akka system
    3. Configuring logging
  5. Deploying your application
    1. Creating a standalone version of your application
    2. Additional configuration
    3. Deploying to Heroku
    4. Set-up a front-end HTTP server

Additional documentation

  1. Scala
  2. Akka
  3. sbt
  4. Configuration
  5. Logback

Hacking Play 2.0

  1. Building Play 2.0 from source
  2. CI server at Cloudbees
  3. Repositories
  4. Issue tracker
  5. Pull requests
  6. Contributor guidelines

For more details just go to playframework.org

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