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Ten Essential Gnome Shell Extensions

Gnome shell extensions are great piece of code for extending the usability and feature of gnome shell. By using extensions we can make gnome shell looks and works like gnome 2 or any other. Still gnome shell is maturing and missing lot of important features like weather, dock, poweroff etc.. we can transform the shell with extensions. Some essential extensions are listed below.

  1. Remove accesibility : This extension removes the accessibility icon that is always present on the top. If you never use, you need not have to spend the space bar;
  2. Battery Time Remaining : Do you ever look often to the battery status of your computer? Then this extension is perfect because it allows you to have the percentage and time (loading / unloading) while on the top bar;
  3. Quit-button : Do you think the user name in the upper right something unnecessary? This extension removes it, leaving only the icon off as you can see from the picture beside.
  4. Alternative Status Menu : Unfortunately Gnome-Shell does not have an easy option of opening the zone off the computer. With this extension gets access to this option as you can see by the picture on the side;
  5. Settingscenter : This excellent extension allows quick access to the customization options of Shell. Basically allows you to have all these options presented to darker gray in the picture;
  6. Maximus : This extension allows you to remove the top bar of windows when they are maximized. Something similar to what happens when it maximizes the Unity;
  7. Bolt : The Bolt is a Gnome-Shell extension that replaces the standard Dash Gnome-Shell, by a dash very similar to Unity (image below). Unlike Unity, the Bolt is quite light and looks quite elegant. As Bolt replaces the dash, you are without the option of managing desktops, so it’s important to have a dock. If you try bolt you will get an entire different desktop experiance.
  8. Dash to dock : Gnome-Shell also has a dock, however it is only accessible in Dash, that is, when we take the mouse pointer to the top left corner. Now with this extension the Dock is always visible. By applying “Extensions Preferences” you can change the behavior of the Dock, including its size, location and behavior to appear and disappear. The application “Extensions Preferences” is accessed by extending Settingscenter.
  9. User Themes : This extension will help to theme your gnome shell with custom themes. The default theme is adwaita. You can place theme files in the directory ~/.themes and you can change the theme of the shell through gnome tweak tool, this is a great tool to configure gnome shell desktop as Ubuntu tweak for Ubuntu.
  10. Task Bar – TaskBar with Desktop button to minimize/unminimize all windows. There is bar with application’s icons.
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