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Jquery Image Slider with Text Animations – ayaSlider

ayaSlider is a Responsive Jquery image slider with caption animation. ayaSlider is a flexible jQuery slider plugin with a very simple usage and setup. It has some animation options like the easeIn/easeOut values, the delay between each slide and the prev/next selectors. By using options per slide you can customze […]

Jquery Image Zoom Plugin with Gallery – Elevate Zoom

Image Zooming is an essential feature for a shopping website. Jquery provide lot of image zooming plugins for the purpose. elevateZoom is a highly-customizable jQuery plugin for creating image-zoom interfaces. It also includes an image gallery also. With this plugin combine multiple images to make a gallery and zoom every […]

PHP IDEs in Linux for Web Programming – Fedora and Ubuntu

Now a days Web Development is a Hot topic in Linux world. For web development the best operating system is Linux based version. Whether Fedora, Ubuntu, Open SuSE, Mandriva, Slackware or Any Other linux version. The main considerations are it is away from common virus and malwares. For a complete […]

Jquery HTML 5 Form Validation to Firefox Opera and IE

The HTML5 validates forms without additional JavaScript. But this feature is currently available in only Chrome 5 and Safari 5. But a small plugin to jquery will do the magic. It will extend the whole utility to all other Browsers like Firefox,Opera and IE. This Plugin is created by Matias […]

HTML Tutorial – Best Practices for web developers

He i will try to point out some html best practices. Those are not errors but those are essential for a best web programmer who keep best web standards. I always try to achieve these. Never Forget to Close Your Tags Some time some tag will come like this item […]