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Ubuntu 14.10 Released, New Features and Apps

Ubuntu 14.10 codenamed Utopic Unicorn officially available for download after six months of development. Previous release was Ubuntu 14.04 LTS which got a long term support for next 3 years. Ubuntu 14.10 comes without any majour changes from Ubuntu 14.04. The UI shell is Unity 7, the same default wallpaper […]

LXQt 0.80 released with themes. Install on Ubuntu

LXQt, the latest Qt 5.0 based LXDE Desktop, released its version 0.80 with more updates, fixes, performance increase tweaks and qt themes. The new release includes new themes, support for reordering panel items and a set of basic admin tools to tweak the system. The release happened after 5 months from […]

Install Unity Launch Folders in Ubuntu 14.04 – 14.10

Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 14.10 uses Unity as its default shell. Unity is much more than a shell it is the base concept of using a single user interface to all kind of devices from TV, Mobiles to Desktop. Launch Folders is an awesome application to ubuntu unity. It integrates […]

Ubuntu 14.10 Wallpapers Released. Download Supplementary Wallpapers

Ubuntu 14.10 Supplementary wallpaper contest winners are announced. The Ubuntu Community wallpapers are selected from the flickr group. The winning entries for Ubuntu 14.10 are available now. Twelve Wallpapers are officially selected for the inclusion of Ubuntu 14.10 release. There are 400 images are submitted from various parts of the […]

Ubuntu 14.10 Beta released for Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu

Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn series now entered into beta status. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Kylin and Ubuntu GNOME flavours are now got first beta images for testing. This beta is the change indicator for upcoming Ubuntu 14.10 in October 2014. The changes from alpha release is very less but […]

Ubuntu 14.10 Wallpaper Contest Started on Flickr

Ubuntu 14.10 Community Wallpaper contest started on Flickr Group of Ubuntu. Ubuntu 14.10 Wallpaper contest is now open for your entries. The community wallpapers are included in Ubuntu 14.10 DVD Image by default with the default wallpaper. These wallpapers are selected from the entries submitted in the Utopic Unicorn Wallpaper […]

Ubuntu 14.10 Release Schedule

Ubuntu 14.10 ‘Utopic Unicorn’ will be released on October 16, 2014. This is current release plan and will may change during the development cycle due to the blocker bugs. The release dates are given in Ubuntu Wiki . The Current stable Ubuntu is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and it will be […]

Ubuntu 14.10 Named ‘Utopic Unicorn’ Released on October 2014

Ubuntu 14.10 will be named as Utopic Unicorn. Mark Shuttleworth has announced the codename on his blog. All Ubuntu codenames are came from in the form of “Adjective Animal” and it is in alphabetic order from the third release onwards. The first two releases are not on the alphabetic order. […]

Ubuntu is Creating its own file manager based on QT for Unity 8 and Desktop

Ubuntu is aiming to create its own file manager for Unity 8. Soon this file manager will replace the nautilus in its future versions of desktop. Ubuntu 14.10 is likely to start using converged QML applications on the desktop by default. Ubuntu’s plan is to switch to Unity 8 for […]