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Timeline – Javascript Tool for Creating Facebook Like Timeline

Timeline is a JavaScript  tool for creating powerfull interactive timelines like facebook timeline in your own. It provides great interactivity with users.  The timeline works in parallel with a content slider. So you can present different types of contents like video, blogpost, flickr stream, tweets etc… Users can choose to […]

Google Plus Interface Icons and Dropdown Menu with Jquery

Google got a unique interface after the release of google plus. There was some wordpress themes imitating the interface. Now Bruce Galpin made  a framework with Google+ styled buttons in his blog. The buttons can use text, images or both inside them and comes with the high-quality icon set created […]

Massive 8.9 Tsunami Hit Japan – Massive Reaction on Twitter

A massive Tsunami 8.9 Hit near Tokyo. earthquake struck the coast of Japan causing massive damages and fires . The tsunami serve 10 meters high waves on the banks of Tokyo. It was the seventh most powerful earthquake in recorded history. The details of Tsunami @ Japan Tsunami Magnitude – […]

New Twitter Interface Revealed

Twitter announced on September 14th  that they will be rolling out a new user interface.   This is one of the biggest announcements from Twitter since it’s creation in 2006. The goal of the new interface is to provide speed, efficiency and a richer user experience in Twitter.  One of the […]

Top Social Media Presentations in Slide Share

Some Important Social Media Marketing presentations in slide share. What the F**k is Social Media NOW? View more presentations from Marta Kagan. “Does My Butt Look Big in This?” Emerging Trends in Social Commerce View more presentations from Paul Marsden. Never hire a “Social Media Expert” View more presentations from […]