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Mac OS X theme for Ubuntu 14.04 – Zukimac for Complete Mac Look

There are lot of Mac OS X transformation pack for Ubuntu 14.04 now. Here is a new theme called Zukimac to convert the Ubuntu 14.04 to a Mac OS X look desktop. There is another package for Gnome shell is also available with this theme. The theme consists of GTK+ […]

Top Six Gnome Shell Themes for Gnome Shell 3.10

The new Gnome 3.10 is good with its default theme Adwaita. But there are lot of nice themes available at deviantart to customize gnome shell. Most of the themes are compatable with Gnome shell 3.10. Here is a list of stunning themes for Gnome Shell 3.10. Gnome tweak tool is […]

Admin Theme with Twitter Bootstrap – Charisma

Twitter bootstrap is a very nice framework from building resposive websites and templates. It reduces huge amount of development time for creating a responsive website that just works on all devices. Muhammad Usman made a nice Admin theme called Charisma based on Twitter bootstrap and jQuery UI. He released the […]

Mountain Shell – A Mountain Lion OSX Theme for Gnome Ubuntu and Fedora

Mountain Shellis a very nice Gnome Shell theme create by DzaDze. Mountain Shell theme brings the Mountain Lion OSX look and feel to gnome. The theme is minimalistic and provides maximum usability. This is nice theme for everyday usage. If you can combine this shell theme with Adwaita Cupertino GTK3 […]