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Fedora 20 Walpapers Released

Fedora 20, the next fedora operating system release will include a set of beautiful supplemental wallpapers. The wallpapers are submitted by fedora community members are there was an election to choose which of them will selected for an inclusion. As of Fedora 20 stable will be released on 17th December […]

Fedora 19 Features and Updates contain 3D printing, Java8 and Scratch

fedora 19 planning started. Artwork Brainstorming sessions is running. The Schrodinger’s Cat is a bit tough to theme. A good list of new features are lined up for Fedora 19. Also the Release schedule is now put in place. Expecting some slips. The fedora 19 will be available on end […]

Upgrade to Fedora 17 from Fedora 16,15

The next great Fedora 17 is releasing on end of May 2012. They slipped the schedule one more week for a last minute fix. So how to upgrade to Fedora 17. The method is very simple but dont forget to backup your existing system to an external hard drive or […]

Ubuntu 12.04 Wallpapers Contest Started on Flickr

The Next majour release of ubuntu is Precise Pangolin. The Default wallpapers for Ubuntu 12.04 contest started on Flickr. Anybody can submit quality photographs or illustrations to be considered as the default set of wallpapers in Ubuntu 12.04. The wallpapers are selected from a public pool of Flickr called Precise […]

Tata Photon Plus – Huawei EC156 Modem in Ubuntu, Fedora

I came across a problem when to connect a Tata photon plus (Huawei EC156) Modem in Ubuntu. You can use the same method in fedora. By default it is not  recognizing in ubuntu. When I plugged in the blue light starts blinking but not taken by the default network manager […]

Gnome 3 Released – Install on Ubuntu

The Gnome 3.0 is out. The greatest change after the gnome 2.0. For long time the major two desktop environments in Linux are gnome and KDE. KDE Announced 4.0 as a major change to its interface and continuously improving to 4.6 release. But not hackers and programmers are stick on […]