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LXQt 0.80 released with themes. Install on Ubuntu

LXQt, the latest Qt 5.0 based LXDE Desktop, released its version 0.80 with more updates, fixes, performance increase tweaks and qt themes. The new release includes new themes, support for reordering panel items and a set of basic admin tools to tweak the system. The release happened after 5 months from […]

Gnome 3.4 Released. Updated UI, New Apps, New Features

Gnome 3.4 Released on 28th March 2012. The Latest version of Gnome 3 comes with lot of improvements and updates. This gnome provides much more stable and rich interface for clutter free computing. New Apps in Gnome 3.4 Lot of changes in the default applicaitons of Gnome 3.4 introduced.  The […]

Configure Backups in Ubuntu 11.10

Deja Dup is the default backup software available in Ubuntu 11.1o. It is very simple, robust and automatic backup tool. You can shedule the backups to a local or remote location. The GUI is not that much promissing but it is Very fast and do the work. If you backup […]

Amazing Wallpapers and Themes for Gnome – Ubuntu, Fedora

From webupd8 I got a new theme for gnome shell. When checking that on devientart I foud a guy  marked with pr09studio. In his gallery I found a whole lot of great Wallpapers and themes for your gnome . You can install these themes on ubuntu or fedora or Open […]