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Inkscape – Seperate shapes into individual Paths after trace bitmap

Inkscape is a great tool for creating vector graphics. It also performs great on converting raster image drawings to vector. A usual problem after trace a bitmap is the separate different individual shapes from a complex trace. Inkscape has a very cool feature to do this thing. Steps to do […]

Download The Gimp Magazine

The much awaited GIMP Magazine now released and available online. The first issue of GIMP Magazine contains more than 40 pages of tutorials of GIMP, GIMP Experiences, reviews, previews and photos created with GIMP. The GIMP Magazine is now available free download. There is an online version of the magazine […]

Image Hover Effects With jQuery Plugin Adipoli

Hover Effects for a website make it a fresh look. There are lot of jquery plugins to implement hover effects. For Images the hover effect give the website a new design. Adipoli is a jQuery plugin that beautifies and simplifies creating and consuming such hover effects. With a simple function, […]

Jquery Image marking and tool tip Plugin – Imagemapster

ImageMapster is a jQuery plugin that create image map areas and put tool tip on the map. image maps will create interactive images. You can highlight a part of an image and you can put a description like drawing a squre over a face and put the name of the […]

Gimp 2.7.3 Released with New Features – Single Window Mode

The Gimp 2.7.3  has been released.. This is the third development release of gimp in its dev channel 2.7.x . The stable release will be 2.8 . This time it is almost production ready software with most anticipated features single window mode, on canvas text editing, active text widgets and […]

Essential Gimp Plugins for Web Development

Image via Wikipedia Gimp 2.8 is coming with Awesome features. Single window mode, Rotating Brushes, On canvas Editing, Calculation on variable boxes are great new features. But lot of people think that it is not as Professional as Photoshop. It is not true we can use Gimp for Pro  with […]

GimpBox – Gimp In Single Window for Gimp 2.6.10 or Older Gimp

A Unique Python script called GimpBox released. It will convert your conventional gimp – 2.6.10 or eariler versions to the proposed single window mode gimp and Tabbed Files with screenshot. A great script to convert a GIMP to a more handy interface. Requirements * Gimp – 2.6.10 or earlier Just […]