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Mac OS X theme for Ubuntu 14.04 – Zukimac for Complete Mac Look

There are lot of Mac OS X transformation pack for Ubuntu 14.04 now. Here is a new theme called Zukimac to convert the Ubuntu 14.04 to a Mac OS X look desktop. There is another package for Gnome shell is also available with this theme. The theme consists of GTK+ […]

Mac OS X theme for Gnome – Adwaita OS X

Adwaita OS X is a Mac OS X like GTK theme for Gnome 3.12 created by kxmylo.   The theme adds a fresh look to every window in Gnome 3.12 and a Mac OS X like look to it. There was another makeover for ubuntu to look like Mac OS […]

Pinguy OS 14.04 Mini Released. Download Now

Pinguy OS 14.04 Mini based on Ubuntu 14.04 comes with a large number of tweaks included by default has been released today. The ISO are now availbale for download. Pinguy OS Mini 14.04 is a tear down version of the original Pinguy OS which comes with large number of tweaks […]

Ubuntu 14.04 Themes – Unity Themes, GTK Themes and Icon Themes

Ubuntu 14.04 Released it comes with more polished desktop and 12 new wallpapers. Ubuntu 14.04 is based on Gnome 3.10. There are lot of themes available for Gnome 3.10. We can choose great themes and icons for customizing the look and feel of Ubuntu 14.04. Here are some nice themes […]

Fedora 20 Post Installation Guide – A things to do after installation

Fedora Project released Fedora 20, codenamed Heisenbug with Gnome 3.10 and KDE 4.11 Plasma workspace. Fedora 20 comes with more clear installer anaconda. The programme is getting better on every release. Fedora 20 comes with spins for GNOME, KDE, Xfce, LXDE and MATE. Fedora 20 includes ARM as a primary […]

Mac OS X Theme for Ubuntu 13.10 A Macbuntu Theme

A Mac OS X theme for ubuntu 13.10 make your ubuntu look like mac os x. There are Nice Themes, Icons, Cairo Dock and other tools to make ubuntu look like Mac OS X Look. There was a project called Mac4Lin to do this thing. But now You want to […]

Top Six Gnome Shell Themes for Gnome Shell 3.10

The new Gnome 3.10 is good with its default theme Adwaita. But there are lot of nice themes available at deviantart to customize gnome shell. Most of the themes are compatable with Gnome shell 3.10. Here is a list of stunning themes for Gnome Shell 3.10. Gnome tweak tool is […]

GnoMenu and Minimized Windows List in Gnome Shell

There are two new great extensions for gnome shell is published. One is GnoMenu the large menu offer all the essentials in a simple uncluttered intuitive interface. GnoMenu offers all applications in categories, favorite apps on the left, search ability, list/grid view, logout, lock screen, advanced and system setting on […]

Mountain Shell – A Mountain Lion OSX Theme for Gnome Ubuntu and Fedora

Mountain Shellis a very nice Gnome Shell theme create by DzaDze. Mountain Shell theme brings the Mountain Lion OSX look and feel to gnome. The theme is minimalistic and provides maximum usability. This is nice theme for everyday usage. If you can combine this shell theme with Adwaita Cupertino GTK3 […]

Ten Essential Gnome Shell Extensions

Gnome shell extensions are great piece of code for extending the usability and feature of gnome shell. By using extensions we can make gnome shell looks and works like gnome 2 or any other. Still gnome shell is maturing and missing lot of important features like weather, dock, poweroff etc.. […]

Install Cinnamon Desktop in Fedora 17

Cinnamon, the desktop UI created by linuxmint team upon the gnome shell codebase is now 1.4. The good news is fedora is included the cinnamon 1.4 in its official repositories. So the installation of cinnamon desktop in fedora 17 is very easy now. Just open the terminal and type the […]

Download Elementary OS Luna Wallpapers Pack

The Next Elementary OS code named Luna is nearing its release. They comes with some awsome apps and desktop based on Ubuntu 12.04. The apps are based on Gnome 3.4. The desktop is called Pantheon, it is another themed desktop of gnome shell with a dock called Plank. The Plank […]