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Install Ruby on Rails in Fedora 12 – Ubuntu 9.10

“How to install ruby on rails in fedora 12 ?” or “how to install ruby on rails in ubuntu 9.10 ?” is a question now a days because the importance of RoR is getting high. Installing ruby on rails into Fedora 12 / Ubuntu 9.10 is not complicated task. In […]

Enable Compiz Fusion on Fedora 12

Comiz fusion is a great tool for linux to enable 3d desktop and great visual effects. In fedora 12 lot of new effects and great tools are available with compiz fusion. A default package is included with the default distro by using that you can enable the 3d desktop and […]

Fedora 12 Install DVD to Your Yum Repo List

To add the install dvd media to yum list there is a small trick. The trick lies in the Yum Repos list, located in /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora.repo Check it out. Normally you have three entries: Fedora, a Debug branch, and a Sources branch. The primary Fedora branch configs look something like this […]

Fedora 12 Constantine released

Fedora 12  code named Constantine released with lot of great features. Main features are a 2.6.31 Linux kernel and GNOME 2.28 or KDE 4.3 desktop. The Fedora free Linux distribution is sponsored by Red Hat. Among the new features of Fedora 12 are extended hardware support for kernel based mode […]

Gnome Shell – Your Next Desktop Environment – On Fedora 11

A Majour Update of Gnome 3.0  is Gnome-shell. The Total Redesign of Gnome Desktop with cool and great features. You can test it now. In My fedora 11 Machine I tested that . This is my experience. Sad Part – Installation I Never got a Yum install or any rpm […]

Fedora 12 Features – Fedora Studio Coming

New features for fedora 12 is announced. Changes in visual and core are proposed. Empathy as new default IM Client will help to communicate SIP and XAMPP Protocols. New Fedora Studio …