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Gnome Shell – Your Next Desktop Environment – On Fedora 11

A Majour Update of Gnome 3.0  is Gnome-shell. The Total Redesign of Gnome Desktop with cool and great features. You can test it now. In My fedora 11 Machine I tested that . This is my experience. Sad Part – Installation I Never got a Yum install or any rpm […]

Code Igniter for Beginners in Fedora 11

Code Igniter A Nice PHP Framework with low memmory footprint MVC (Model View Controller) Design Easy to learn and test Suitable for Most hosting accounts Base of Expression Engine 2 Deep Documentation and Tutorials How To Begin in Fedora 11. In Fedora 11 the Apache server is coming as pre-loaded […]

Fedora 11 – Change gdm Background

it is not very easy to change the background of GDM theme in fedora. The gdmsetup command is missing in fedora 11. Because the gdm is going under through rewrite process. Only way to configure the gdm is simply downgrade to fedora 8 or change the display manager to KDM. here is another simple way

Apache giving the error :Could not determine the server’s fully qualified domain name

In Fedora 11 when i started httd it gives an error Apache giving the error :Could not determine the server’s fully qualified domain name But I Resolved Like this simply open vim /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf then add server name the line ServerName www.example.com:80 to my server name ServerName itpublic.m5:80 then save quit […]

Change Fedora 11 Login Screen to KDE login screen

GDM in fedora 11 is not configurable. KDM – KDE Display manger offers stunning interface with themes To change to KDM make a file in /etc/sysconfig/ ie – must be root [[email protected] etc]# vim /etc/sysconfig/desktop DESKTOP=”GNOME” DISPLAYMANAGER=”KDE” put these lines in it . Save Logout If not working Take look […]