Tags: CSS3

Jquery Image Gallery with CSS3 Transitions – Photobox

Photobox is a very light weight CSS3 photo and video gallery plugin with jquery. Which uses a lightweight image gallery and a  modal window script which uses only CSS3 for silky-smooth animations and transitions . Photobox utilizes GPU rending, which can be completely controlled and themed directly from the CSS. […]

Jquery Slide Navigation Menu with CSS3 – Pushy

Pushy is a responsive slide navigation menu with Jquery and CSS3 transitions. It uses push in transition effect and is best for including mobile menu in websites and web applications. It is very light weight and responsive to fit on all type of devices. Features of Pushy Uses CSS transforms […]

STICKY SOCIAL BAR with CSS3 Transitions

Sticky Social Bar is a very small simple Github project. It will create a social share bar on the left side or right side of your website. Every element in the social bar is animated with CSS3 Transitions. The project is very light weight and very easy to integrate to […]

Responsive Flexible jQuery Slider – SlideMe

SlideMe is a very nice solid jQuery Slider plugin with touch support. SlideMe supports fixed with and full screen views. The plugin can be used vertically or horizontally, makes use of CSS3 transitions and has support for pagination. There are methods to control the slider (prev, next..), callbacks for each […]

CSS 3 Buttons – Rounded, Pill, Square, Circle – Buttons.css

Buttons.css is a css library for helping to create awsome CSS3 Buttons. It includes predefined shapes of Circle Buttons, Pill Buttons, Square, Block etc.. It is built with Sass + Compass and has support for square, rounded or circular buttons that can be flat or not. Button.css having custom effects […]

Least.js Jquery Image Gallery with Pinterest like layout

Least.js is a Jquery Image Gallery Plugin with Pinterest like Layout. It creates Responsive HTML 5, CSS3 Gallery without a hazzle. Lazy loading is incorporated into this Plugin. When click on an image the bigger version will load on the top. A feature like google image search. Download least.js or […]

Gumby – A Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Framework With UI Tool Kit

Gumby is a responsive and 960px column grid based CSS framework. Gumby is easy to customize for any resolution with a little effort. It has a very nice fluid-fixed layout self-optimizes the content for desktop, tablet and mobile resolutions and there is support for nested grids. Like Twitter Bootstrap, Gumby […]

Juicebox Lite – Free HTML5 Image Gallery

In HTML 5 there are lot of awesome effects and photo galleries. Every day new scripts are coming with amazing effects and ease of use. Here Juicebox Lite is a free-to-use (branded) and HTML5 powered image gallery with nice effects and very easy to use and create. The main feature […]

Fast and Modern Forum Application – esoTalk

Here is a new forum application which uses all the modern technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. Featuring clean interface and easy to use. esoTalk will be a clear alternative to all the cluttered forum softwares. It is built with PHP and MySQL, includes the main features a forum would need […]

HTML5 CSS3 Powered Content Slider with slider.js

  Slider.js is a slideshow engine built with jQuery and uses CSS3 and HTML canvas for the transitions. Elements can have a text with links and users can browse it with a pagination or using the prev-next links. Basic features of Slider.js Each slide displays the image, but can also […]