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Download Android Apps APK Files from Google Play

Google play downloader is a simple application to Download Android apps install able apk files from google play to your computer. By downloading these apk files you can install it on your android phone without google play services and also distribute to other people. By using this it is possible […]

Google’s Modular Phone Prototype Project Ara Booting

Google is showing its Modular Phone prototype in the upcoming Project Ara Conference in January 2015. Modular phone is a concept that anyone can build a smartphone with different independent modules like camera, processor, display etc.. In a newly released video shows a prototype of a device using Google’s Project […]

Download Android 5 Wallpapers, Launcher, Ringtons, Keyboard

Android 5.0 Lollipop is now released. The updates for various Phones, tablets and other devices are on its way. Download Android 5.0 bundled wallpapers, ringtons, launcher and keyborad for your android phone is now available. The android 5 wallpapers, ringtons and other things are extracted from android 5 source dump. […]

First devices getting Android 5.0 Lollipop Update

Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming to all kind of devices soon. It will be officially available from November 2014. Android 5.0 comes with numerous updates and features like material design, improved battery, fluid animations etc. The first devices with Android 5.0 are Nexus line of devices. The new Nexus 6, […]

Android L and Nexus 6 are expected on November 2014

The next version of Android, the most popular operating system for smartphones from google will be released on November 2014. Android Authority reported that Nexus phone will be made available at the start of November this year along with Android L. The website claimed that the Nexus 6 and Android […]

Install and Run Android Apps on Chrome Book

Google is combining its popular mobile OS android and upcoming cloud OS Chrome OS into one. It is the next approach of unifying Operating Systems irrespective of form factor. Whether it is a smartphone or a chromebook or a laptop all the apps will run on all the platforms. Efforts […]

Android L Wallpapers, Keyboard, Apps are available for download

Google recently released Android L, the next android developer preview in Google I/O. The New android features a complete design overhul. The Apps Gmail, Chrome, play everything got a new design called material design. XDA member ivan123 extracted the apps from his full system dump. Android L apps, Android L […]

Install Telegram Desktop Client in Ubuntu 14.04 – Sigram

Telegram is an instant messaging app for Android, iOs. Telegram is a free and open source project. It focus on speed and security. Official Telegram clients are available for Windows and Mac OS X. There is no native client for Linux available now. Sigram is a native clent fro Telegram […]

Motorola announced Moto E in India for INR 6999

Motorola announced MOTO E in Indian smartphone market. The Moto E is priced for Rs 6999 in india. The phone is now available on Flipkart shopping website. Motorola is preseting Moto E after its grand success of Moto G in Indian market. The stock of Moto G is finished within […]

Motorola Making Moto E Cheaper than Moto G

Motorola‘s Low priced phone Moto G changed the rules of mid range smartphones all over the world. Moto G shown that user dont need to compromise on quality to get an affordable smartphone with decent specifications. Moto G still one of the latest smartphone with Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. […]

5 Secure WhatsApp alternatives with End to End Encryption

WhatsApp is now a facebook application. The acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook raises a mixed reaction all over the internet. Lot of people are planning to switch from WhatsApp to other secure messaging applications. Switch from WhatsApp to an encrypted messaging services will surely increase the privacy of the user. […]

Moto G Dual Sim gets Android 4.4 KitKat in India

Moto G Dual sim phone in India get Android 3.3 KitKat Update. The Update started exactly after a week of the launch of the phone in India. Moto G launched in Flipkart website on 5th February 2014. It was an instant hit. Moto G has an excepitonal price tag of […]