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Synchronize your Tomboy Notes with Ubuntu One and android

Tomboy notes is a great application for instant note taking. It has more features like Auto creation of links to other notes, highlight a word, Undo and redo, Auto linking of website address and emals, create a todo list etc. It is a very nice and quick applicaiton for all instant note needs. You can create a todo list with ease.

A problem with tomboy is when you reinstall your distro then your notes are gone. This problem can be easly resolved using Ubuntu One, the cloud service provided by ubuntu. So you can keep your notes on Cloud and never get lost. If you reinstall the distro or access from another computer or from your android phone also you will get all the notes are everything.

Sync Tomboy notes with ubuntu one

This is  very simple task

First you start tomboy notes if it is not started by system on boot. Click the tomboy notes in the Applicaitons > accessories menu. You wll get a yellow note icon in the system tray. Click on the icon will get a menu with all the note list. Select search notes. You will get a search window with menu .

go edit > preferences. On the synchronization tab select Tomboy web. Enter the server url as https://one.ubuntu.com/notes/

Then click save button. Your browser will open up for web authorization of ubuntu one with tomboy. Enter username and password and authenticate the service. Then synchronisation complete all your tomboy notes are gone online. You can access from ubuntu one.

Sync Tomboy notes with android

Tomdroid – a free app available in the Android Market which syncs and displays your notes on your phone using Ubuntu One or Tomboy’s Web Sync service.

Tomdroid is in still beta but it can synchronize your tomboy notes in ubuntu one with ease. Just install it in your android phone. Click menu button go settings add the https://one.ubuntu.com/notes/ here and click authorize. The browser will openup for authorization. That is it all your ubuntu one notes are on your android phone.

The developer will add an edit function and create notes function soon. So it is the full fledged note application for your android phone and linux computer. So notes are with you all time in travel or on sleep ….!!!

Copy notes from Gnote to Tomboy and Tomboy to Gnote

gnote is another note taking applicaiton for gnome. The main drawback for gnote is it is not supporting the synchronization. If you are using gnote and want to switch to tomboy and asking how to copy notes from gnote to tomboy? then it is very simple

Open nautilus file browser. Cntrl+L wll open the edit option. you will get an address bar. type /home/MyUserName/local/share/gnote and copy the .note files to /home/MyUserName/.local/share/tomboy. After that,  quit and start Tomboy again and so all the gnote notes are in Tomboy. If you want to switch from tomboy to gnote just do the reverse process. that is it.

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