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Stream Youtube or Dailymotion in Ubuntu using Stream Studio

Stream Studio is a very nice video streaming application for Ubuntu, Linux, MS, Mac .It can Stream Youtube video in Ubuntu or Dailymotion video to the desktop. It is created with node-webkit and developed using web technologies like HTML5/JavaScipt/and CSS. There are plugins available for stream studio for other websites. It can be uses as a video player that can stream videos without a flash player or flash plugin.

A user can search and view videos or play lists, channels with or without filters like HD or 3D etc. It can extract audio from the videos and save the videos to local disk to view later. The player comes with features like HD play, Fullscreen, Browsing collections etc. It can store videos in a local Hard Drive or External Hard Drive with a database support.


Features of Stream Studio

  • Watch videos without flash player or flash plugin
  • Video seeking
  • Full screen View
  • Save videos to local Hard Drive or external Hard Drive
  • Extract audio (mp3 format) from videos
  • Open Youtube or Dailymotion links, or other services links via plugins
  • Open youtube or dailymotion page of the current video from the application
  • Watch videos on your TV using airplay (freebox only supported in France)
  • Integrated update system…
  • Plugins for other services

Behind a Proxy then open tcp ports (8081,8888,8889) for uninterpreted viewing.

How to Install StreamStudio in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

To install stream Studio into Ubuntu or Linux Mint run the following commands in the terminal. 

Press (Ctrl+Alt+T) then paste the commands below. It will add a ppa for stream studio and fetch the files from ppa..

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/apps
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install streamstudio

This will install stream studio. View youtube videos without flash player in ubuntu.

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