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Social Stream Display like Pinterest – Infinite-social-wall

Infinite-Social-Wall is a PHP Mysql Webscript for displaying social activity in an infinite scrolling website with Pinterest like interface. It can render the content from various RSS feeds. It supports various social networking sites like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Github and more.

The awesome Isotope plugin creates the layout of the website and the Infinitely scrolling feature that will load more content at the end of the website.

Infinite Social Wall uses the MySql for storing the stories which are parsed from the feed. This will be a good starting frame work for creating a self updating website with infinite scroll.

Officially Supported Networks (Icons/Styles included)

Currently supports the following social networks (however it should work reasonably well with any RSS feed):

  • Google Plus
  • Github
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Stackoverflow
  • Reddit
  • Instagram

Infinite Social Wall utilizes the following libraries:

Icons are from icondock which were released under the “Free to use for whatever purposes” license.

Download Infinite Social Wall

Demo of Infinite Social Wall – philipbjorge.com.


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