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Slick jQuery Datagrid Plugin – Open JS Grid

Open JS Grid is a slick jQuery Data Grid Plugin with all the features loaded. With simple code you can have a complete data grid with all the essential features. Sorting, Searching, Complex queries etc.. Open JS Grid is complete Open Source Plugin to jQuery.

Open JS Grid comes with builtin Bootstrap styling so it looks and works cool on all admin pages.


Open JS Grid features

No database work needed

Open JS Grid comes with a mysql class so you don’t have to do any database work yourself. The grid controls all the mysql connections and queries .

Sorting / Filtering / Resizing

Basic grid functionality includes sort columns, filter existing data, and resize the columns. You can also resize the grid. Along with that, if you resize the grid down small enough, it adjusts to fit small sizes.

Custom Cells

Now you can make your own cell types for money, buttons, whatever alteration to data you want.

Edit / Delete

Turn on editing to edit cells. They can be text boxes, checkboxes, or even drop downs. Drop downs can even use data from other database tables.

Advanced Database Stuff

You can do complex mysql things like where, join, concat, group, having and more. Its all completely customizable in your ajax php file.

Paging / Searching

The pager is smart. It can page through one at a time, page via a slider, or even type in the page you want. Searching is also smart. When you type, it live searches the current data. When you hit enter, it will search that query on the database.


All the CSS for the grid is written with Styuls. It’s awesome.

Completely OOP

Open JS Grid 2 is now completely OOP. Written against a really cool library called RootJS.

Bootstrap Styles

Open JS Grid includes and integrates with all those standard classes of Bootstrap.

Event Eallbacks

Instead of having built in callbacks, we have events that fire on the jQuery object. So you can bind to as many grid events as much and whenever you want.

Columns not Rows

The grid is built with Columns instead of rows. That makes for much much faster use in most cases.

Demo : Examples on Open JS Grid Website

Download : Download or Fork on github

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