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SimpleModal – A jQuery Modal Dialog Framework

jquery-modalSimpleModal is a lightweight jQuery Plugin which provides a powerful interface for modal dialog development. It gives beautiful overlay box with dark shade. SimpleModal gives you the flexibility to build whatever you can envision, while shielding you from related cross-browser issues inherent with UI development.

Styles can be applied through external CSS, the options object, or both. The CSS options for the modal overlay, container, and data elements are: overlayCss, containerCss and dataCss, all which take a key/value object of properties.

There are different kind of modals for different purposes.


Basic Modal Dialog

A basic modal dialog with minimal styling and without any additional settings. There are a few CSS attributes set internally by SimpleModal, however, SimpleModal relies mostly on external CSS for the look and feel.

Demo Download

Contact Form

A contact form built on SimpleModal. Demonstrates the use of the onOpen, onShow and onClose callbacks, as well as the use of Ajax with SimpleModal.

Demo Download

OSX Style Dialog

A modal dialog configured to behave like an OSX dialog. Demonstrates the use of the onOpen and onClose callbacks as well as a handful of options, and custom styling.

Inspired by ModalBox, an OSX style dialog build with prototype.

Demo Download

Confirm Override

A modal dialog override of the JavaScript confirm function. Demonstrates the use of onShow as well as how to display a modal dialog confirmation instead of the default JavaScript confirm dialog.

Demo Download

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