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SEO WordPress Plugin

New WordPress SEO Plugin is released by Yoast. The Plugin is developed by SEO expert and developer Joost de Valk.. This is a must have SEO Plugin for Every Blogs and websites. It handles everything related to SEO like the title,keywords,breadcrumbs,images etc … You can use this insted of (All in One SEO Pack, Google XML Sitemap, Robots Meta, Yoast Breadcrumbs and the RSS Footer) all these plugins.

The plugin Features

1. Post titles and meta descriptions
2. Robots Meta configuration
3. Canonical
4. Breadcrumbs
5. Permalink clean up
6. XML Sitemaps
7. RSS enhancements
8. Edit your robots.txt and .htaccess
9. Clean up head section

Post titles and meta descriptions

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WordPress SEO set titles and meta descriptions for all types of pages,posts,custom types. WordPress SEO meta box to completely optimize the post title and meta description, using the snippet preview functionality to see what it would look like in Google.

Robots Meta configuration

If you want to keep a single post or page out of the index, or you prefer to keep entire sections of a  site unfindable: the WordPress SEO plugin has your back. Hidden by default under the “advanced” button is a meta robots settings block that allows you to choose any setting you want on a per page basis:


When Google introduced the canonical link element, to distinguish the “original” page from derivative pages within your site carrying the same content, they reached out to me to develop a WordPress plugin for it, and I did. Later on, canonical link elements were added to core. They work fine, with one caveat: they only work for single posts and pages, not for categories and tags, not for the homepage. The WordPress SEO plugin fixes that, and sets the correct canonical on each of those pages.

The Plugins has been powering many (premium) themes breadcrumbs for ages. Using the same code, the WordPress SEO plugin now gives way more granular control over this breadcrumb. You get to determine, for each post type, which taxonomy to show. You get to determine for each post, page and taxonomy, what title to use for that specific entity in the breadcrumb paths it appears in. Full control, that’s what this entire WordPress SEO plugin is about.

Don’t you hate it when someone adds /2 to the end of a link towards you? Or links with all weird variables at the end of the URL? You have a solution now! Just checking one box will redirect all that stuff away, and make sure that your content is always found under the URL you want it to be found under. If you use a Google Custom search engine, checking another box will prevent that from breaking down while using this function.

XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps are an essential part current day SEO, and can thus not be excluded from a complete WordPress SEO plugin. While there are other WordPress XML Sitemap Generators out there, they don’t talk to your SEO plugin. Meaning that if you noindex a page, preventing it from showing up in Google, it might still be in your sitemap. They also don’t allow you to keep certain taxonomies out of your sitemap. This plugin does. And, to boot, it makes your XML Sitemaps look good by using an XSLT stylesheet on them, so humans can read them too.

RSS enhancements

My RSS Footer plugin used to allow you to add a piece of content to the beginning or the end of posts in your RSS feed. The WordPress SEO plugin goes one step further and allows you to add content to both of them, allowing you to link back to your blog and the specific blog post, which is very helpful when you have a lot of people scraping your blog.

Edit your robots.txt and .htaccess

Editing your robots.txt and .htaccess files has never been this easy: you can edit them straight from the Files menu of the WordPress SEO plugin, so you can easily check and or update those files and keep it all nice and clean.

Clean up head section

With recent releases, WordPress has added more and more bloat to the <head> section of WordPress installs. Luckily it also has methods to remove those. Checking a few boxes in the backend will make sure your blog doesn’t give out any of its secrets.

Download the plugin

6 thoughts on “SEO WordPress Plugin”

  1. SEO Services India

    Yes, WordPress plugins very useful and provide security for our sites from spammer:
    I am explained it in short words…
    1: Google XML site maps is used to create site maps.
    2: All in one SEO use to custom meta tag.

  2. SEO Services India

    Yes, WordPress plugins very useful and provide security for our sites from spammer:
    I am explained it in short words…
    1: Google XML site maps is used to create site maps.
    2: All in one SEO use to custom meta tag.

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