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Responsive Documents with Javascript – Tangle

To create responsive web documents javascript plays a key role. By using various libraries the user experience can be improved.


Tangle is a javascript library to create responsive documents. It is used for building interactive documents where users can easily change parameters and see the document updated live.

For example a sentance

When you eat 33 cookies, you consume 1650 calories.
If you can dynamically change the cookies number and the calories will be updated automatically then it is great.

The library can add several interaction methods like a a slider or onClick to any given elements for easily changing their values and comes with functions to bind these variables with the values of other elements.

Implementing Tangle is pretty easy, the library is well-documented and supported with examples.

Write your document with HTML and CSS, as you normally would. Use special HTML attributes to indicate variables. Write a little JavaScript to specify how your variables are calculated. Tangle ties it all together.

You can try some examples on Tangle Website.

For a more extensive example, see Ten Brighter Ideas.

For the motivation and philosophy behind reactive documents, see Explorable Explanations.

Or learn how to get started with Tangle.

Website: http://worrydream.com/Tangle/
Download: https://github.com/worrydream/Tangle

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