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Pure – Bootstrap Like CSS Framework From Yahoo

pure_frameworkPure is a fresh New and Feature rich CSS Framework created by Yahoo!. It is an integral part of YUI Library. But it can be used as a stand alone CSS framework with no javascript. It is defenitly a good alternative for twitter bootstrap.

Pure is a  responsive layouts  Framework. It has css for typography, grids, forms, buttons, tables and navigation.

Markup used is very simple and the whole framework is pretty lightweight (5.7KB minified and gzipped). Pure is very much Modular. The styles with each module can be used seperately.

The Yahoo! CDN supports combo handling, so you can combo your requests and get a single CSS file back. Here’s an example of a combo URL that only includes CSS for Base, Grids, and Forms:

The YUI Skin Builder is a very nice tool to create custom pure css themes. With a single click, the Skin Builder is able to generate all the CSS needed for forms, buttons, layouts, tabs etc.

Pure is an open-source project under the BSD License. Check out the code repo on GitHub.

There is some common layouts that used Pure CSS Framework. These layouts are responsive and don’t use any JavaScript.

A Marketing Website, An Image Gallery, An email interface [can be used as an admin interface] are already available.

Requirements: Normalize.CSS
Compatibility: All Major Browsers
Website: http://purecss.io/
Download: https://github.com/yui/pure/


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