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Powerfull Javascript Animation Framework – jsMorph

Now a days jQuery is very popular for manipulating various kind of sliders and animations in a website. The problem is we want to include jQuery and some plugin to work a basic slider. Here is a new framework for javascript animations. The best part is the size of the framework is only 2.3KB. You will get a set of animations like content slider, image slider, accordian, drop down menu with animation, Animated chart bar, An iPhone UI etc.. without adding any other javascript into the web page.

jsMorph is a standalone JavaScript animation framework which can manipulate stylings of multiple HTML elements.

The framework automatically detects start positions, converts units, adjusts rendering speed and corrects time leaks for smoother rendering experience.

It is only 2.3kb, chainable, well-documented (supported with examples) and works pretty fast (with an optimized browser rendering buffer usage).

And, there is a queuing system which allows morphing multiple items.

Features of jsMorph

  • pure javaScript, so NO other framework needed
  • auto start-position detection
  • auto unit-conversion
  • auto time-correction for smoother viewing experience
  • auto fps-adjustment for best resource savings
  • super fast rendering due to optimized browser rendering buffer usage
  • multiple parameter morphing
  • multiple object morphing (queueing system)
  • individual triggering for single or grouped rendering
  • recycling functionality for less memory usage
  • plenty callback functionality for best control
  • chaining possibility for shorter code
  • use jsMorph to convert units (See tutorial)
  • (color*, opacity* and) partial CSS3 support
  • a light weight 2.3KB library that can get you moving

See more inspirations at ‘Demos‘ or ‘Tutorials

Download jsMorph

Latest version of jsMorph (ver. 0.4.0)

Minified version: jsMorph-0.4.0.min.js ver. 0.4.0 minified (5.02KB, 2.3KB inflated)
GZiped version: jsMorph-0.4.0.min.js.gz ver. 0.4.0 minified (2.22KB)
Development version: jsMorph-0.4.0.js ver. 0.4.0 (10.60KB)

Easing pack (ver. 1.0)

easings-1.0.js ver. 1.0 (3.06KB)

Demo pack (latest versions of jsMorph)

demoPack-0.4.0.zip ver. 0.4.0 (224KB)
including minified & development versions of jsMorph, the easing pack and some demo pages

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