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Open Source HTML5 Charts & Graphs – Flotr2

Flotr2 is an open source  HTML5 canvas library for charts and graphs. Flotr2  is a fork of the popular flotr library Prototype JS framework and has many more features and betterments.

The library is framework independent and has support for line, bar, candle, pie and bubble charts.

There are lots of customization options offered like the ability to define titles, subtitles, colors, labels on/off and so many others for each and every possible variable.

Flotr2 outputs are interactive, they can be set to respond to the actions of the user. And, they can be extended with plugins (there are already several ones that can add interactions, new decorations, etc.).

Charts and graphs work in all major browsers (including IE6) and they are mobile compatible.


  • mobile support
  • framework independent
  • extensible plugin framework
  • custom chart types
  • FF, Chrome, IE6+, Android, iOS
  • lines
  • bars
  • candles
  • pies
  • bubbles


To use Flotr2, include the flotr2.min.js script in your page and create a visible <div> with positive width and height. A graph is drawn with the Flotr.draw(container, data, options) method.

Humble software develoment is making and maintaining this library. Flotr2 verymuch help full for making great admin screens and various web applications like ERP, Budgeting, Market Analysis etc…

Examples of Flotr2

You can find Flotr2 examples on humble software

Download Flotr2

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