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Magazine Grid – A Grid Layout for Magazine

The Magazine grid is a modern CSS-Framework which comes with common magazine design elements such as pagination, gutters and  basic grid. The framework uses HTML5 elements for structuring the magazine pages. Simply, an <article> element wraps up your page and <section>s define the portions of content.

More semantics, less divs

Magazine Grid takes use of html5-elements to structure your magazine page. An article-element wraps up your page, sections define the portions of content. Inside the sections you define which elements should match the grid and how wide they are. Section is a special type which provides a nice white-space around the textblock for best readability. It can even have 2 or 3 columns.

Lighter than 4kB

Magazine Grid is lightweight to load fast on mobile devices. That is why it doesn’t care about oldschool browsers like IE6 or Netscape.

Made for the iPad

Magazine Grid is designed to work best on the iPad in portrait and landscape orientation. The simple 8 column grid uses the full display without leaving unnecessary margins.

Download the Grid :- http://cl.ly/2R2O0Y122H471U1m0k1C

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