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Linux Mint 11 Kataya Released – An Ubuntu without Unity

Adding Fire to the discussion the Linux Mint 11 Released. This version is based on ubuntu 11.o4 and shipped without the Unity desktop environment it includes the 2.6.38 Linux kernelLinux 2.6.39 was released one week ago. . Linux mint is with the gnome 2.0 interface and Mint menu, the most appreciated menu system developed by Linux Mint team. “With GNOME 2 mint could rely on one of the most stable desktops available, full compatibility with GTK (on which most applications including our own tools are developed) and our current themes.” Also the Ubuntu 11.04 is based on gnome 2.32 the port to gnome 3.0 will be on ubuntu 11.10.

Linux Mint release highlights:

  • Linux Mint 11 comes with Linux kernel 2.6.38, Gnome 2.32, Xorg 7.6
  • Many improvements to Software Manager and Update Manager
  • Artwork improvements: a refreshed Mint-X theme, new backgrounds and overlay scrollbars by default
  • Gwibber has been removed
  • gThumb replaces F-Spot as default photo manager
  • Banshee replaces Rhythmbox as default music player
  • LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice.org


Linux Mint 11 is available to download as a CD or DVD ISO image file for 32- and 64-bit systems from the project’s site. A user guide and upgrade instructions are provided. The OEM Edition provides the same features as the standard version, but without including proprietary software, patented technologies or support for restricted formats.

Linux Mint targets to be a more user friendly operating system and to provide a more complete out-of-the-box experience by including support for DVD playback, Java, plug-ins and various media codecs like gstreamer, ffmpeg etc…. It is currently the second most popular distribution on DistroWatch.com behind Ubuntu.

This release will add more fire on the discussion about unity. Is unity good or bad? will ubuntu go back to gnome shell? is gnome switch back to gnome 2.0 interface? will XFCE be a more popuar desktop than gnome? Will linux mint continue to use the gnome2.0? What happen to ubuntu gnome remix? etc …

Linux Mint 11 is based on Ubuntu 11.04Natty Narwhal” and includes the 2.6.38 Linux kernelLinux 2.6.39 was released one week ago.

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