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Linux Kernel 2.6.38 Released with Best Improvements

The linux Kernel 2.6.38 released with a lot of changes and improvements.The new release  includes the much-hyped performance improvement patch and many feature enhancements and bug fixes. The kernel includes support for Transparent Huge Pages, Transmit Packet Steering (XPS), automatic process grouping, and a new RCU (Read/Copy/Update)-based path name lookup. The patch submitted by Mike Galbraith in November 2010 improved the job scheduler a lot. It could noticeably speed up the Linux desktop experience.

The patch to the scheduler can reduce latency by as much as 60 times. It changes how the process scheduler assigns CPU time to each process so the system will group all processes with the same session ID as a single scheduling entity.

The support for AMD Fusion graphics dubbed Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) which integrate an x86 CPU and discrete-level graphics on a single chip are back. The Kernel 2.6.38  brings improvements to the virtual file system, Btrfs compression and memory management. The kernel comes with improved Wireless LAN (WLAN) drivers for chips from Atheros, Broadcom, Intel, Ralink and Realtek.

Future Linux distributions, Ubuntu 11.04 and Fedora 15 will be based on kernel 2.6.38 or its successors.


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