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Juicebox Lite – Free HTML5 Image Gallery

In HTML 5 there are lot of awesome effects and photo galleries. Every day new scripts are coming with amazing effects and ease of use. Here Juicebox Lite is a free-to-use (branded) and HTML5 powered image gallery with nice effects and very easy to use and create. The main feature of Juicebox is that the galleries will work every where. On desktop, tablet, mobile phone it will adjust itself with screen size and device capabilities.

Images can be browsed either with keyboard, mouse or touch screen (by using finger swipes) and they can be viewed in full-screen. There is an -optional- control bar which is shown on hover and allows us to view/hide thumbnails, switch to full-screen mode or load only the image file displayed.

Juicebox lite comes with a desktop client based on Adobe AIR. So the client will work on almost every platforms. The slideshow builder have a very nice interface to build galleries without any coding. There is Drag n drop feature, the thumbnails are automatically created. Jut preview the gallery the total HTML, CSS, JS are auto generated.

You can use Flickr images as the source for the gallery. Just enter username or tag in flickr to build a gallery.

There is also a “Pro” Juicebox version which is not branded and comes with more configuration options, support for audio/uto-play/watermarking/unlimişted images and a JavaScript API to control the gallery as you wish.

Demos of Juicebox Lite

Website – http://www.juicebox.net/demos/

Download Juicebox

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